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Improving my lifestyle

My parents are very rich and conservative people. My father is the CEO of a company and I'm going to be his successor one day. We used to have a very traditional disciplined life. A private school, a dress code, going to church, a conservative lifestyle, etc. When my younger brother and I hit puberty, my parents gave us more freedom and allowed us to slack a bit to explore the world. We still were part of that lifestyle at home, but we both misused my parents' trust outside home. My brother even got involved with too much alcohol and drugs one day. It damaged the position of my father as the CEO of a company and my family's position in our closed elite community. My parents want to restore that status of the rich, conservative, Christian, well-mannered family. They are going to focus on both our appearance (dress code, posture) as our behaviour (manners, rules, (religious) acitivities, schedules). My brother and I like to restore our status and bringing more structure and discipline in our lives. We like the idea of being a little bit more disciplined than other boys of our age (we were used to it once), however we're not sure yet about the details because my parents want to be quite strict.
What do you think of the idea or my parents restoring the family status in general?
Great idea for both of you
Good for your brother. It's also not that bad for you either
Good for your brother, not for you
Not a good idea. You should make your own choices
Other ...
~ APPEARANCE ~ We used to wear dress shirts, smart pants on regular days and blazers and ties at special occations untill we were 13. When we hit puberty, especially my brother choose another style and started to wear his own clothes and I slacked as well. My parents want to restore the dress code at home. The dress code will improve our discipline/behaviour but also to remind us about our lifestyle, status and appearance. What should our home dress code be and how many times a week/month should we wear each part of the home dress code?
dress shirt - everyday
Ties or bowties
Cardigans, pullovers, sweatervests and/or waistcoats
Blazers or (Suit) Jackets
Belts and/or suspenders/braces
Dress pants
Smart shoes (suede, loafers, etc.)
Dress shoes
Other ...
Extra instructions about the dress code
We should only wear basic colours (black, white, grey)
We should only wear dark colours (black, white, grey, dark green, dark blue, dark red)
We can wear any colour as long as it corresponds to the dress code
The collars or our dress shirts should be traditional, not casual/modern
We can only wear plain clothes, no patterns.
We can wear patterns
Everything should be closed (jackets, vests), tight (belts, braces/suspenders, (bow)ties) and clean (polished shoes)
We are not allowed to take pieces of our clothing off (tie, jacket, etc.) without permission
We have a dress code but we don't need to wear everything perfect. A loose tie, an open collar and an open jacket are fine as long as it's not too bad and we don't have guests around)
Other ...
Should the dress code be stricter / less strict /change ... (if yes, how?)
in the weekends
at religious activities / church
on holidays (Christmas, birthday, etc.) or on vactions
in the evening/during dinner
when we go to school
going to special places (restaurant, musea)
going to family members, neighbours, etc.
when we have guests
when we go outside the house (to the park, shopping, to the cinema, etc)
Other ...
What about (public) hair?
We should be clean shaven
We should wear a traditional side parted haircut
We should wear a certain haircut, ...
Hair should be groomed, combed and/or gelled at all times
Other ...
Any other rules about our appearance?
We should work on our posture (standing straight, arms behind our back, etc.)
Our parents should inspect our appearance and punish us if something is not perfect.
Our parents decides what we wear by helping us with shopping, choosing a haircut and picking outfits for the next day.
We can decide what we wear, as long as it corresponds to the dress code. However, if my parents have a preference, we would have to wear that.
Other ...
~ SCHOOL AND RELIGION ~ We used to go to a private rich school, but currently we are at a public (christian) school. What about now with the new lifestyle?
We should still go to our public school like nothing happened. The dress code and rules are only for at home, not for school
We should still go to our public school but with the new rules and the new dress code
We should go back to a private school
We should go to a strict boarding school and only see our parents on the holidays
Other ...
Should there be other rules about school/studying?
Our teachers should be informed about our lifestyle. Problems at school or disobeying our parents rules at school will have consequences.
We should study every day, including the holidays
We should be good students by making education and good grades a top priority. We even get punished if we fail
We should get extra (private) lessons. This can be at school, at home or at the teachers house
We should go to summer camps, school camps or church camps to learn about schoolstuff, religion and/or manners, depending on the theme of the camp
Other ...
We used to go to church every Sunday and be active members of the church community but nowadays my brother and I only go sometimes to church. My parents want to bring religion back into our lives because it will help us to be disciplined, to improve our values and it will especially help my brother to not fall back into old habits. What do you think about religion in our lives?
Saying grace at breakfast/lunch/dinner
Praying everyday
Taking bible lessons or study the bible at home
Going to the church every Sunday
Being an active member of the church by doing extra church-activities
Other ...
~ STRUCTURE AND ACTIVITIES ~ My parents are thinking about introducing a curfew? What do you think about that?
We should go to bed extra early
We should go to bed extra early and rise early to do extra activities in the morning.
We should not have a curfew
We can stay up late but not go outside the house
Other ....
My parents want to structure our lives with curfew, schedules, planning activities, planning our day in general, etc. What do you think about that?
Our parents should sign us up for a lot of activities to keep us busy and keep our lives organized.
Leisure time of our own choice without social importance (computer games, television, going out with friends, etc.) can be earned by good behaviour. It's is a priviledge, not a certainty.
We can do whatever we want with our free time as long as it fits with the rules and lifestyle (no drugs anymore, etc.)
Other ...
What kind of activities should we do? And how long every day/week/month?
Studying for school and private extra lessons
Religious (bible study, church meetings, etc.)
Etiquette lessons of other activities to learn about manners
Helping in our local community
Dancing lessons (ballroom or ballet)
Music lessons or practising music at home (singing or a musical instrument)
Arts (crafts, painting, etc.)
Household (cooking, cleaning, gardening)
Other ...
~ AUTHORITY, DISCIPLINE AND PUNISHMENT ~ What kind of rules should be introduced about authority, obedience, discipline and punishment?
We should adress our parents with father/mother
We should adress our parents with Sir/Ma'am
We should adress other adults with Sir/Ma'am
We should threat adults as superiors
We don't need to adress adults or our parents any different than normal, only when we're about to get punished or get instructed to do something.
We are only allowed to speak when spoken to
We shouldn't contradict our parents and their decisions.
We try to be humble by giving the best seats, food, etc. to others.
If we deserve punishment, we have to maintain a stricter dress code and/or appearance for a certain period of time
If we deserve punishment, we have less privileges (watching television, computer games, going to friends, etc.)
Other ...
Should my parents have to threat my brother and I differently?
I should have a stricter dress code (explain)
My brother should have a stricter dress code (explain)
We should have the same dress code
We should be threaten as equals. We should have the same outfits every day, the same activities, the same rules and the same punishments.
Our parents should be stricter to my brother because he's the one who needs discipline the most
Our parents should be stricter to me because I'll become my fathers successor and I'm the oldest, so I should be the role model of this family.
We should do different activities. I should focus more on manners and take extra courses about enterpreneurship to prepare myself for my father's company, while my brother should focus more on his past, religion, redemption, obedience and getting his life back together.
Other ...
I would like to work at my fathers company after school and eventually become his successor as the CEO. However, I'm obviously not ready yet. What should I do?
I should take extra courses about entrepreneurship, leadership and other useful tools.
Working extra hard to restore the family name by showing everyone how well-mannered disciplined young men I am
Just focus on the new lifestyle first. That's quite a change already. Focus on your future later
Other ...
Any other things to improve our lifestyle?
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