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Me vs YOU in a wrestling match!!!

I am a 5'11 tall and 150 pound 18 year old male. I can only bench press 110 pounds max and squat 165 max. I also have zero experience wrestling so far, but want to know what you guys think would happen if I wrestled you. I want you to write a story about me vs you a girl in a sexy wrestling match or you the guy in a strength competition. This is a Me vs you wrestling!!! The question below lists what you need to include in your story of the wrestling match between me and you.
Are you male or female
(Both genders answer) You vs me!!! Include the following: if you are male or female, your height, your weight, stuff about your strength, your first name, your race or ethnicity, pre match taunting, rules of the match, who wins in the end, post match taunting and posing over loser unless we tie for some reason.
(Guys only, not required) write another story of you or me wrestling against a girl of equal strength as us. Include what she looks like
(Girls only, not required) write another story about you wrestling another girl of unequal strength. Either a lot stronger than you or a lot weaker. Include how you and her are like and look like and other things.(optional part of story) After you wrestle her I wrestle her too.
This poll was created on 2017-01-04 04:27:46 by EthanEthan