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Lost a bet and have to go barefoot. GIRLS ONLY!

Lost a bet and now you have to go a day without shoes. GIRLS ONLY PLEASE!
Your gender is.....?
Neither? :/
Your age.....?
under 13
Now you lost a bet to a friend and you must go a whole day without shoes or socks. Your going to the mall then an amusement park. You must do it. Will you be embarrassed?
Maybe, not sure
Hell no!
What pants would you wear while going barefoot?
Denim/Jean shorts
Regular shorts
Regular Jeans
*Scenario* at the mall, your friend decides to go into a store where you must have shoes on. You are barefoot, so you cannot go in. What do you do while she's in the store.
Walk around near the store
Sit on a bench near the store
Sit on the ground outside the store.
Your friend is wearing flats and you tell her it feels comfortable to go barefoot. What would she say.
It's your bet! Your the only one barefoot!
Sure. I will take my shoes off too.
HaHaHa! You think I'm gonna walk on this dirty floor in bare feet? No.
You are leaving the mall now. You arrive at the amusement park. Your feet are pretty dirty now I assume. How dirty?
Light Gray
Dark brown
Dark black
You get in line for a ride. Your friend goes on a different ride. Everyone is staring at you, because it's not a ride you have to take your shoes off to ride. How do you react?
Ask them what they are looking at
Tell them to stop
Get out of line
Explain to them why you don't have shoes on.
It is October (say you live in a place with cold winters and hot summers) and it is about 60 degrees. There is a slight breeze. Your feet are getting cold. You've only been at the park an hour. What do you do to keep feet warm?
Curl toes
Stand in the sun.
Just ignore it!
Last question. Now you are done with all the rides you want to ride, but your friend has a couple more. It starts to rain a little bit, but not enough to close the park for the day. What do you do now?
Walk around in bare feet
Sit on a bench.
Wash your feet in a puddle
Go on rides again.
How was my poll? This was my first one.
Please make another one.
Stop making polls
This poll was created on 2016-12-18 13:20:34 by BarefootForever2555