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What would you do?

I am doing a poll for my web design class
You just found a wallet with $1,500 cash. What do you do?
Take the wallet to the police
Check the wallet for ID
Keep the wallet for yourself
You went to McDonald's for lunch and they give you an extra $10 in change. What do you do?
Give the money back to the cashier
Ask to speak to the manager
Keep the money
You are driving down the highway at night going your usual speed. The driver behind you is tailgating you causing you to be blinded by their headlights. What do you do?
Slow down to try and get the person to pass
Speed up to try and get away from the other driver
Turn off on a side-road to assure the driver will go past then re-enter the roadway.
Keep doing exactly what you are doing
You are talking to your friend who has very bad breath. What do you do?
Let them know they have bad breath
Keep talking to them and try to ignore their bad breath
Try to leave the conversation without making your friend aware of why
You are at the grocery store and you look over to notice someone stealing some expensive merchandise. What do you do?
Say something to them about it
Tell one of the workers
Pretend like you never saw it
You are parked somewhere waiting on a friend. Someone pulls up next to you and when they get out they smack your car with their door. They pretend like nothing happened. What do you do?
Call the police and write down their plate number
Get out and say something to them yourself
Stay in the car. It couldn't cause that much harm
You stay at your boyfriends/girlfriends house for the first time and sleep in the same bed. When you wake up your notice that the bed is soaked. Your boyfriend/girlfriend is still asleep. You realize that they peed the bed. What do you do?
Wake them up and start freaking out
Wake them up and let them know what happened then ask to take a shower
Go straight to the shower
Go home and stop talking to them
This poll was created on 2016-11-28 23:06:31 by blutz1