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Wrestling against Kaley Cuoco

I am wondering what would happen if I wrestle Kaley Cuoco. Kaley is 5'7, weighs 130 pounds and is 30 years old. I love her character Penny in the Big Bang Theory. I am an 18 year old, I am 5'11 and I weigh around 150 pounds. My Bench max is 110 pounds and my squat max is 165 pounds, I have no wrestling experience so far. Anyway though vote below so I can get an idea of who you guys think is a better wrestler: me or Kaley Cuoco
Are you a male or female?
Can you bench max or squat max more than me or less?
More on bench only
More on squat only
Honestly I don't know
What does Kaley Cuoco wear when we wrestle?
Tank top with tight jeans
Tank top with yoga pants
Tank top and sweatpants
A small tight dress
Bra and panties
Tank top and really tight Short Shorts
What am I wearing when we wrestle?
T-shirt and shorts
Just underwear
A pair of Kaley Cuoco's Panties
We start out at arm wrestling first (right handed both) best two out of three who wins?
Kaley Cuoco wins 2-0
I win 2-0
Kaley wins 2-1
I win 2-1
What do we wrestle in/on?
Her bed
In oil baby pool
On a wrestling mat
A outside match
A wrestling ring
We wrestle standing up or on our knees?
Standing up
On our knees
We do multiple pin falls, you have to have shoulders pinned down for 10 seconds or submissions. Who wins the match?
I was losing, but somehow managed a comeback and won
Kaley was losing, but managed a comeback and defeated me
I was in control most of match, but barely won
Kaley was in control most of match and defeated me, but it wasn't a complete humiliation for me
I completely overpowered and dominated Kaley, the match wasn't even close
Kaley was too strong for me, she muscled me down and pinned me multiple times, dominating me, humiliating me, and just simply overpowered me.
Did the winner taunt loser after the match?
How did winner victory pose over loser?
Foot on stomach flexing their muscles
Sitting on the loser stomach flexing their muscles
Straddling over top of loser flexing and looking like a champion
Could YOU defeat me in a wrestling match
Yes barely
Yes easily
Don't know it would be very close
Could YOU defeat Kaley Cuoco in a wrestling match?
Yes barely
Yes easily
Don't know it would be close
Write a story of how the match happened between me vs Kaley Cuoco, and what how the events of the match occurred. (Optional)
What would happen if you wrestled Kaley? Include if you are male or female. (Optional)
What would happen if you wrestled me? Include if you are male or female. (Optional)
This poll was created on 2016-11-18 02:37:28 by EthanEthan