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diaper punishment

when I was a little boy my mom would put me in diaper as a punishment. I was just wondering if other guys had some of the same diaper punishments when they were younger.
are you male or female
were you diapered punished as child
I liked being forced to wear a diaper, so there was times that I would get into trouble on purpose so that I would have to wear a diaper for the day. did you like wearing a diaper?
yes I liked wearing diapers
no I hated it every time I had to wear a diaper
from 5 years old to about 8 the kind of diapers I would wear was the cloth diapers with clear pink plastic diaper covers, the kind that have snaps down the sides. then when I was little older I was diapered in disposable diapers. I like both kinds, but I preferred the cloth diapers better. what kind of diapers did you wear?
cloth diapers
disposable diapers
I had lot of other people see me in a diaper at home or out in public. friends relatives neighbors and when I was a little older my girlfriend seen me diapers. pretty much everyone knew that wore diapers. did you go out in public in a diaper, and did others see you in a diaper?
yes I had to go out in public and be seen in a diaper
it was my mom that diapered punished me who diapered punished you?
other relative
when my diaper was wet, I was not permitted to change it myself. I had to cry like a baby when I needed my mom to change my diaper. were you permitted to change your diaper, or did you have to have someone else change it.
I was permitted to change my diaper
when i was at home i would just wear a t shirt and diaper. but when i was very little and we left the house or i was going outside to play, mom would put me in one of my sisters diaper dresses. the kind that was so short it would not even cover my diaper. sometimes she would dress me up in a very girly diaper dress and white tights and some mary janes shoes. i really like wearing those dresses and like being seen in those dresses. but i quickly grew out of them. what kind of clothes did you wear with your diapers if any.
sissy diaper dresses
normal clothes
just a diaper and t shirt
baby clothes
when i was 13 the only i ever told that i enjoyed when i was forced to wear diapers was my girlfriend. if you enjoyed wearing diapers did you ever tell anyone?
yes i enjoyed it and told someone
yes i enjoyed it but i did not tell anyone
i hated wearing diapers
some of the things i liked about my diaper punishment was the part of lying there while my mom was diapering me. i would lay there with a pacifier in mouth crying while mom would slide the diaper under my bottom then she powdered me the pin the diaper on me. i also like being seen in my diaper. and i liked being treated like a baby. and i like wearing the little sissy diaper dresses. i also liked wearing a wet diaper. and i like having my diaper changed. what part of your diaper punishment did like?
being powered and diapered
being seen in a diaper
being treated like a baby
wearing a wet saggy diaper
having a diaper change
wearing a sissy little diaper dress
i was diapered punished from age 5 until i was 17. I was forced to wear diapers more times then i can count. and i loved it. i still wear diapers but instead my mom forcing me to wear a diaper, its my wife that makes me wear a diaper. do you still wear diapers?
yes i still wear diapers
no i no longer wear diapers
This poll was created on 2016-11-13 23:22:34 by jamie james