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Taller and stronger than my older brother

All started 6 months ago. I'm a girl and i'm 11,5 y/o. I have a brother who is 16 y/o. I'm taller, heavier and more muscular than he : I'm 5'5, 130 lbs and my brother is only 5'3 and 100 lbs ! I'm too sporty, not he. We discovered that I'm stronger than he. We start by wrestling. I beat him in the first seconds of the match. Then, I challenge him in armwrestling. I beat him easily. I allowed he to use his 2 arm, I beat he again. We finished by lift dumbbells. He can't lift 15 lbs with his two arms. Me, I lift 25 lbs with one arm. Today, I use this strength in my advantage, sometimes, he become my slave. If he refuse to do anything for me, I catch him by his T-Shirt, I pin it in the wall with my hands, and if he refuse again, I beat him up. For remember he that I'm stronger than he, it is often the strength tests (wrestling, armwrestling and lift dumbbells). For he sees my muscles, I wear only a bra and underwears during these tests.He never beat me, in any event. When I beat he, he has to repeat that girl is the stronger sex. When we eat, I need 2 plates to not be hunger after the meal. My brother can't finish his plate, cause he is never very hungry. I spend all my time to "play" with he, and I have now in my bedroom, a lot of dumbbells on. I lift them everyday. Since the moment when we discovered that i'm stronger than he, my biceps had doubled in size, my abs are more toned, and beat him up is increasingly easy. And I grown more ! I'm now 5'10 and my weight is now 160 lbs! My brother didn't grow more ! Now, "play" with he is very funny. I can now put his head on my breast because he is too small ! It's perfect to humiliate him at school ! Tell me if you have too a weaker brother. I'm French, sorry for my bad English
Are you a boy or a girl ?
Boy (continue)
Girl (stop here, view the results)
How old are you?
Does your sister (if you have one) is stronger than you?
Yes (continue, it become interesting)
No (stop here)
How did you discover it ?
Like me, tests of strenght
Fighting you
Do you do tests of strenght to see who is stronger?
Yes, but rarely
Yes, more than once a day
Yes, quite often
Does she use her strenght in her advantage ?
How ?
Make you her slave
Beat you up
Worship her muscles
Do tests of strenght
Watch her flex
Why ?
To remember to you who is the stronger sex
'Cause it's funny
Is she taller than you ?
Yes, +<1ft
Yes, +7-9 inches
Yes, 3-6 inches
Yes, +1-3 inches
Same height
No, she is smaller
Does she put your head on her breasts to remember to you that she is taller than you?
When you do strenght tests, what does she wear
Bra and underwears
Normal clothes
Does she humiliates you in public ?
I'm _______ of my sister
This poll was created on 2016-10-22 00:15:15 by brittanymsx