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Boys at Boarding Schools

School can be tough, but if you're in an all-boys boarding school things can get very rough — to your balls.

A previous poll revealed startling results. Virtually all had seen boys hit in the balls during their stay resulting in pain, swelling and vomiting. About one-in-five reported a boy required medical attention for this. The problem seems markedly worse at Catholic affiliated institutions.

The purpose of this poll is to shed more light on this phenomena, in particularly focusing on boys' willingness to seek medical help.

Thank-you for your participation.

What was the affiliation of your boarding-school?

34% (19) None
27% (15) Roman Catholic
12% (7) Protestant
18% (10) Other Christian
1% (1) Jewish
1% (1) Muslim
3% (2) Other

55 voters have answered this question.

What country was this boarding-school located?

33% (18) United States
43% (23) United Kingdom
9% (5) Germany
7% (4) Netherlands
5% (3) Canada

53 voters have answered this question.

To the best of your knowledge how many boys at your school were circumcised?

12% (7) None
31% (17) A few
25% (14) About half
14% (8) Most
14% (8) All

54 voters have answered this question.

Did all of the boys at your school have two normal healthy testicles?

89% (49) Yes
10% (6) No

55 voters have answered this question.

How likely were boys at your school to seek medical attention for a blow to the groin?

23% (13) I don't know / this never happened
16% (9) Any boy hit there would get it checked out
27% (15) Most boys would get it checked if it was bad enough
23% (13) Boys wouldn't get it checked unless it was critically serious
9% (5) Boys would not get it checked

55 voters have answered this question.

What is the worst injury you recall seeing a boy suffer from a strike to his genitals?

No graph available for this question

24 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2016-09-29 03:06:25 by fdostoevski
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