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Would You Rather..?

Would You Rather.. make a choice on the following answers. Basically, which would you rather do most?
Be stuck in one position. That means that you're frozen.
Kill everyone in this world but you.
Have everyone trying to kill you.
Would You Rather..
Try not to be risky and stay in earth as a ghost.
#YOLO and go to hell. And see what stuff is there.
Go to heaven and find out what's there.
Would You Rather..
Go to the future but get stuck at the future time.
Stay in the present and try to be safe.
Go to the past and get stuck at the past time.
Would You Rather..
Have the ability to shape-shift to anything.
Have the ability to teleport wherever you want (not teleport to a specific time though!)
Have the ability to time travel.
Have the ability to become invisible.
Have the ability to fly around the world.
Would You Rather..
Go back to college/high school.
Have a high salary job you hate.
Have a low salary job you love.
Would You Rather..
Make the poll shorter.
Extend the poll or make this would you rather poll longer.
Have this the way it is (end the poll).
Why did you choose those decisions?
This poll was created on 2016-10-18 00:57:02 by OnePerson77