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Love you too

Emma Watson's amorous adventures...
Which ones are applicable?
Emma is crazy about Jenna Louise Coleman. When she finally declares her love, Jenna kisses her passionately.
Ashley Benson didn't resist when Emma hugged and kissed her. Emma was amazed how passionately she was kissed back.
Sympathy between Emma and Taylor Swift slowly became more than that. Later in bed, they were not reserved anymore.
Emilia Clarke offers herself to Emma, pressing her sexy body against hers. Emma holds her firmly and kisses her.
Emma thought Chloe Moretz was the sexiest woman alive. Chloe thought as much of Emma. Their night of love was perfect.
Emma and Jennifer Lawrence are so fond of each other, that they decide to spend the rest of their life together.
Margot Robbie wraps her arms around Emma and kisses her passionately, Emma surrenders and Margot makes love to her.
Emma puts her arm around Emma Roberts like when they first met, but this time she pulls her close and kisses her deeply.
Emma takes Amanda Seyfried in her arms, who immediately starts seducing her. Emma is no match for the stunning blonde.
Kristin Kreuk was eager to learn Emma a few things about love, which the younger girl understood lying on her back.
Nina Dobrev and Emma fell in love filming together, but never admitted it - till today, when Emma kissed Nina deeply.
Emma and Selena Gomez both knew it was love at first sight. And Emma humbly admitted Selena was a sensational kisser.
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