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Hildebeest vs. The Donald

2nd Debate (For those not familiar with the nickname, Hildebeest was coined by the Obama’s during informal White House gab sessions.)
Trump is not articulate, repeats himself constantly and has a tendency not to complete a thought from beginning to end but so much of what he does manage to spit out is true. Obamacare, which was rammed down our throats, is a complete disaster that no amount of money will fix and is a prelude to a single payer system, the intent all along. Pulling out of Iraqi and the subsequent vacuum created reminds us eerily of post-Vietnam. Libya was another sad example of American intervention resulting in four dead Americans. Hillary’s response to those deaths, “What difference does it make” is still ringing in ones ears. Our national debt is ballooning out of control but conveniently is not addressed by Trump’s opponent. 33,000 emails were deleted by Clinton after she was issued a subpoena. And to be absolutely sure no prying eyes would ever read the emails, BleachBit was used to make it virtually impossible to view the contents. She can lie about it all she wants but we know better. When running for NY State Senator, Hillary promised to bring 200,000 jobs to New York but during her “reign”, 116,000 jobs were lost. African Americans have not prospered under this administration and illegal immigrants cross our boarders every day without consequences. Hillary will change none of this as she promotes “open boarders”. Trump’s locker room bragging is nothing to be proud of but neither is electing a woman whose husband was close to impeachment for sexual misconduct with a White House intern. Clinton was correct about one thing during the debate. Trump’s children are a credit to him and a reflection of what good parenting and examples set can produce. Thinking of Bill back in the White House alongside Hillary brings back ugly memories of lies and other misdeeds perpetrated before the world stage. Thinking of Trump ordering a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary’s email/server and the Clinton foundation pay for play schemes brings a smile to my face. Do you mostly agree or disagree with the above?
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