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Gender Equality

Some say that gender equality has not yet been achieved and there is a lot more to be done in favor of women, who are still facing some disadvantages like the gender pay gap or a minor representation in leading positions. Others say that equality has already been achieved or even that women are the privileged now. What do you think?
What is your gender?
Has gender equality generally been achieved?
Yes, it has been achieved
No, there has still a lot to be done for women
No, women are already privileged
Men have their privileges and women have their own female privileges, too. What should be done to improve gender equality?
Nothing. Let men keep their privileges and women theirs.
Achieve a fifty fifty balance in all respects
Achieve a gender role reversal. Let the women have the formerly male privileges and the men have the formerly female
Let the women keep their female privileges while the men have to surrender their privileges to women entirely, so that the women have all privileges
There is a gender pay gap to the disadvantage of the women. What could be done about it?
The gender pay gap is a consequence of different choices. So nothing should be done about it.
An overall fifty fifty balance should be achieved
To compensate women for the lower wages they had up to now, they should have higher wages for the same work from now.
There are more men in leading positions than women. Should this be changed?
No, it is due to peoples choices
Yes, a fifty fifty balance has to be achieved in all leading positions by means of quotas for women.
From now on only women should have access to leading positions.
If there was a quota for political and economical top positions, how should it be?
70% men, 30% women
50% men, 50% women
30% men, 70% women
0% men, 100% women
Men are producing higher costs for society due to their behavior. How should the genders be taxed?
Equally, like it is now
Higher taxes for men, same like now for women
Higher taxes for men, lower taxes for women
Much higher taxes for men, no taxes for women
One of the privileges for women are lower punishments for criminal acts. Should there be done something about it?
No, it is ok the way it is
Same crime, same punishment
Higher punishments for men, lower for women
Much higher punishments for men, no punishment for women
There are many cases when women get harassed or bullied by men in the workplace. How should the gender relations in the workplace be?
It is not a big problem, everything should stay the way it is
Companies should strive to bring more women into positions of power and the problem is solved by itself.
All companies should be led by one or more women. In a man vs woman situation the woman is always the boss
How can gender equality be achieved in divorce cases?
Everything will be divided 50/50. There will be no alimony
Who earns less, no matter if woman or man, gets more of the mutual property and receives alimony to be able to maintain the lifestyle.
The woman gets more of the property and receives alimony even if she earns more than the man
The woman gets all of the property. Even if the man earns less than the woman he has to pay her at least 3/4 of his income as alimony
This poll was created on 2016-10-02 07:00:12 by Pierrerene