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Home dress code - who's right?

Hello, my mom forces me to wear dress code at home. It is stricter than my uniform in school. This is my school uniform and rules: white shirt must be cumpletely buttoned and tucked in, trousers must be secured with belt, tie must be tight, must wear sweater and must wear blazer. But I must wear this only at school. This year mom started me to wear dress code at home, she chooses me clothes every evening.Everyday I must wear a shirt (buttoned and tucked in), trousers with belt (the belt must be tight enough so if I put my hands up, the shirt doesn't go out), tie, sweater or vest and jacket. Everything must be properly worn and buttoned. She ties my tie and she makes it bit choking. Also, everytime she enters my room, I must say and say "Good afternoon ma'am, I am ready for inspection", put my hands up and don't move until she finishes my inspection. If I wear something wrong, I'm punished. I must wear dress code all the time I'm not in school or I don't sleep.
Do you (or your son if you're parent) have to wear a dress code or uniform after school and on free days?
Yes, dress code
Yes, must stay in school uniform
Yes, can dress down but must stay smart
No, can wear what he want
Should I wear a dress code on weekends and in my free time?
Yes, all the time
Yes, after school
Yes, when family eat together (dinner, lunch)
Should my dress code be strict as it is?
Who should choose my clothes?
What rules should I follow?
Accept inspections, stand, say "Good afternoon ma'am, I'm ready for my inspection." and put my hands up
Shirt completely buttoned
Shirt tucked in
Overtight belt to lock my shirt in my trousers
Allow my mum to tie my tie very tight
Wear sweater
Wear jacket buttoned all the time
Wear heavily starched shirt including collar (as now)
Should I have only tight clothes (slim shirts, trousers, jackets...) as now?
This poll was created on 2016-10-01 13:03:00 by nnc39469