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Human Neutering

Are you male or female?
Are you a parent?
Say you have a son, if it were legal to have him neutered (balls and sack removed), would you?
If you said "no" to neutering, would it matter if all your friends were neutering their sons?
Yes, I want to do it but I don't want my son to be the only one neutered.
Yes, I always follow the trend.
No, it's just a fad or it's not relevant.
If you would neuter him, or would think about it, why?
It would calm him down.
He would do better in school (with no girls to focus on).
It would prevent teen pregnancy.
He would live longer (this is true).
Those things look and/or smell gross!
Some other reason (write in):
If your son were neutered, would you also have his "pole" removed?
If you would remove his "pole", or would think about it, why?
It would prevent him from assaulting a woman.
He would be less distracted (nothing to play with).
It would look better if he was smooth.
It would be easier to clean if he was smooth.
Why have something he can't ever use?
He would have to pee sitting down (no mess!).
Some other reason (write in):
If you said "no" to removing it, would it change your mind if I told you he could still pee? They create a hole down lower so he can sit to pee.
Yes! I was worried he wouldn't be able to pee. Off with it!
No, I'd still leave it attached.
Assuming you would neuter him or remove his pole, when would you have it done?
Near birth, like they do with circumcision. That way, he won't remember having them.
Some time before puberty, maybe 5 or 6, before they get big and hairy (eww!).
Some time after puberty, during his teens. I would take him to the clinic if he started acting badly.
Say boys commonly had their junk removed (like 30% of boys), would that make you feel better about your daughter having a sleepover with such a boy?
Yes, if he were neutered.
Yes, but only if he had it all removed.
No, he's still a boy (even though he's really not).
Lastly, should it be legal for parents to have their son's junk removed?
I lied, this is the last question. If it was legal, and even if you wouldn't get your son "done", should boys commonly have their junk removed?
Yes, maybe 1 out of 3 boys should.
Yes, every 2 out of 3 boys should.
No, it should be uncommon, but legal.
This poll was created on 2016-09-30 14:36:38 by Xing40