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Parenting and Spanking

Survey of your experience growing up and as a parent now or what role spanking might play if you later became a parent as a method of punishment. Social norms often say spanking is no longer acceptable but yet it is heard that parents still spank their children. SPANKING in this poll is defined as smacking the buttock region with your hand, paddle, cane, switch, belt, etc. for the purpose of corrective punishment for misbehavior.
Your Gender
Did your parents spank you as a method of punishment?
At what age phase were you spanked by your parents?
Age 5 and younger
Age 6-10
Age 11-15
Age 16 and older
My parents didn't spank
Though both may have spanked you, which parent was more likely/inclined to use spanking as a punishment with you?
My parents didn't spank
From observation of friends, at school or your own family, were boys more often spanked than girls for misbehaving?
I'm not sure
When spanked, did your parents confine the spanking to your bottom and adjoining thigh region?
No...I sometimes got face slapped or across my hands or other sites on my body
My parents didn't spank
Did your parents approve or give consent for others (i.e. school; adult family members; older sibling/babysitter; friend's parent) who were caring for you or under their supervision to spank you if you misbehaved?
Yes...I got school spanked/paddled
Yes...grandparents, aunt/uncle, other adult relatives have spanked me
Yes...I've been spanked by a friend's parents when he/she got spanked too
No...my parents alone spanked me even if others were supervising me when I misbehavbed
My parents didn't spank
When away from home with parents and you misbehaved, would they spank you there publicly or wait until they got you home?
I got it then and there in public
I was taken to a public restroom or other more secluded area and got my spanking immediately
I was told I had a spanking coming once we got home and then I got it
I didn't even need to be told but knew I'd be getting spanked once home
My parents didn't spank
Were you spanked at home in front of siblings or even if a friend was present or spanked privately with only you & parent?
Spanked in front of sibling of same gender if they too had spanking coming
Spanked in front of sibling of either gender if they too had a spanking coming
Spanked in front of sibling whether or not they too were spanked
Spanked in the presence of my friend(s) observing it happen
Sibling/Friend may have heard it happening but parent took me behind a closed door for my spanking
Parents spanked me always away from sibling/friend(s) privately
Parents didn't spank
Did parents have a usual location at home where spankings were given?
Sent/taken to my/our bedroom
Taken to parent's bedroom
Did parents have a usual location at home where spankings were given?
Sent/taken to my/our bedroom
Taken to parent's bedroom
Where at home were you usually spanked?
My bedroom
Parent's bedroom
Taken into the bathroom
Wherever I was when I misbehaved
Taken or told to go to the basement/garage
Had an outbuilding (shed, barn, workshop) where spankings were given
Parents didn't spank
Would you have preferred or even ask your parents to spank (especially as you got older) so it would be over immediately rather than ground you where you lost social time with friends, privilege(s) or even permission to drive/use the car?
Yes...I preferred a spanking over being grounded
No...Being grounded or time-out was better than a parent's spanking
Yes...I recall asking to be spanked rather than grounded
Parents didn't or wouldn't spank even if I preferred or ask for one
My parents thought it necessary sometimes to both spank and ground me
As a parent, or if you became a parent in the future, would you use spanking as a punishment method with your child(ren)?
Yes...as a parent I've spanked
Yes...if I became a parent I would spank
No...as a parent I wouldn't spank
No...I oppose the idea of spanking
My parents didn't spank me and I wouldn't spank either
This poll was created on 2016-09-27 15:23:25 by R.J.