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Fathers with sons who undress in the car

I am a father with two sons, and my boys will undress in the car. I think it is sort of a game that they like to play. I am wondering if other fathers experience this as well.
How many sons do you have, and what are their ages? Or if you are the son, what is your age?
What all does your son or do your sons take off in the car in terms of shoes and clothes?
Why do you think your son(s) take off shoes and/or clothes in the car, is it to get comfortable, for fun, a game, or why do you think?
How do you respond, do you scold, or punish, or ignore, or think it is funny, or what?
Have you ever had problems such as your son(s) tossing shoes and/or clothes out the window or tying to get out of the car not fully dressed when you arrive at your destination?
Please feel free to share any stories or experiences about your son(s) taking things off in the car:
This poll was created on 2016-09-24 19:17:32 by Fatherwith2Sons