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GIRLS GULPING! Girls, have you ever made the cartoon nervous swallow GULP sound?

A girlfriend I had did the CUTEST thing! Whenever she got in trouble with me (And she LOVED to get in trouble!) she would get a scared look on her face and swallow hard to do an impression of the loud nervous gulp sound that cartoon characters always do! It was ADORABLE! I would pretend to get angry with her and she would be like "I'm sorry" and I'd say something like "Oh you WILL be sorry!! " and her eyes GOT HUGE like a deer in the headlights and she'd GULP! Sometimes she would meekly say "I'm doomed" after she gulped which was also THE CUTEST thing! ( She loved doing this stuff as she was submissive. She was acting nervous but she couldn't wait to get punished!) I was wondering if any other girls out there have ever done an impression of the cartoony nervous GULP!?
Girls ( or women) have you ever done an impression of the nervous gulp?
Yes I have
No I have not
How did you make the gulp sound? Did you stretch your neck out and swallow really hard? Did you just say the word "gulp" out loud? Or did you swallow normally, but loud enough for someone else to hear?
What was the situation where you made the nervous gulp sound? Did you get in trouble with someone? ( parents, BF, teacher etc.) Why did you decided to do it? (Did you think it would be cute/funny? Maybe make the person you were in trouble with go easier on you?) And how did they react? (Laugh? Not understand what you were doing?)
Have you ever said "I'm doomed" in a situation to be funny? Please describe the situation if you have.
This poll was created on 2016-09-19 09:53:12 by gulpimdoomed