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Boys who take off shoes in school/poll for fathers and teachers

I am a father with sons who take off shoes in school. This is a poll for fathers who also have sons who take off shoes in school and also for teachers with boys in their classes who take shoes off in class.
Are you a father or teacher, and what age sons do you have or age students do you teach?
Why do your sons/students take off shoes in class, is it for comfort, being fidgety, to get attention, to get other boys to do it, or for other reasons?
How do you respond to sons/boys taking off shoes in class, do you scold, punish, ignore, encourage, or something else?
If you are a teacher, do you tell the fathers their sons take off shoes in class? And if you are a father, do you hear about your sons behavior from your boys or their teachers?
Please feel free to share comments or stories of sons/students taking off shoes in class:
This poll was created on 2016-09-17 14:58:47 by Fatherwith2Sons