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Fathers with boys who take off and/or lose clothes and shoes in public

This is a poll for fathers with a son or sons who take off and/or lose shoes and clothes in public places.
What age are your son or sons?
Where are places your son(s) takes off shoes and/or clothes in public such as school, church, cinema, restaurants, cars, public transportation, mall, theaters, sporting events, etc?
What all does your son or do your sons take off in public such as shoes, items of clothing, which items?
Why do you think your son(s) takes off shoes/clothes in public, is for comfort, to get attention, being fidgety, or other reasons?
Does your son/do your sons lose shoes or clothes by taking them off in public, and is it on purpose or accidental?
How do you respond to your son(s) taking off/losing shoes and clothes in public, do you ignore, scold, punish, let it go, etc?
Please feel free to share comments, stories or experiences about sons taking off/losing shoes/clothes in public:
This poll was created on 2016-09-17 14:43:05 by Fatherwith2Sons