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Do you agree with Clinton's idea of negotiating with North Korea?

North Korea has carried out its fifth nuclear test, and Kim Jong Un is smiling. After a breathtaking run of missile and nuclear tests this year, the North Korean leader is now promising miniaturized warheads. With the country's nuclear potential seemingly realer than ever, Pyongyang television sets are relentlessly beaming out the image of their Supreme Leader's grinning visage. There's no escaping the fact that Kim Jong Un's North Korea presents a complex challenge to a fragmenting world. Clinton would pursue negotiations with North Korea similar to those with Iran

Do you agree with Hillary Clinton on this?

8% (2) Yes, it the only way to prevent war against North Korea.
13% (3) No, North Korea does not have allies. We should not negotiate with communist.
43% (10) Never, let us strengthen our military intelligence and defense instead.
34% (8) Definitely, we need to build ties with North Korea to prevent any nuclear war.

23 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2016-09-10 15:23:55 by Wawartzzz
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