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President 2016. Who are you going to vote for?

Who will you most likely vote for in November
1. Who are you leaning towards now?
Gary Johnson/Bill Weld
Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka
Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine
Donald Trump/Mike Pence
2. How much influence does/did the vice presidential running mate have in your vote or opinion of the candidates?
None at all (come on, the VP doesn't even do anything!)
Slight influence, but not enough to change my vote (the prez is still way more important than the VP)
Moderate influence. I still like my candidate, but not so much the running mate. Support is a bit weaker, but still supporting the same candidate
Heavy influence. (Picking a running mate is the first job a president does) My original choice blew it, so now I'm voting for someone else (your answer to question #1 should be your new choice)
3. Do you think Gary Johnson will make the 15% threshold for the debate stage?
No, but they'll let him in the debates anyway
4. What is the most important factor in your decision?
Jobs/the economy
Foreign policy/ISIS
the environment/climate change
corruption/the electoral college/term limits
government spending/national debt
the supreme court picks
police brutality/the war on drugs/marijuana
something else
5. Who would you rather have seen as your candidate's running mate? And if the VP running mate made you change your mind, who do you think that person should have picked instead?
6. Who do you think will win the presidential debates (assume Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are invited)
Gary Johnson
Jill Stein
Hillary Clinton
Donald trump
7. Who do you think will win the vice presidential debate? (assume Bill Weld and Ajamu Baraka will be invited)
Bill Weld
Ajamu Baraka
Tim Kaine
Mike Pence
8. What do you think is the most important qualification for president?
Money/social class
Being a woman and/or minority
Experience holding prior elected office
Being an outsider (never having political office before)
Being fodder for memes
Ability to recruit and build a good cabinet
Agreement on social issues
Having grown up poor/rags to riches
IQ/intelligence/education at prestigious schools
Business acumen
Having served in the military/being a veteran
something else
9. Ajamu Baraka is the only one out of the 8 to have served in the military. Does his veteran's status impact your decision?
Yes, only someone who served in the military can make a good commander in chief, so I'll vote Stein/Baraka
That's good, and thank Baraka for his service, but it's not the only thing, and I'm not really a fan of Jill Stein
Nope. That dude is crazy
10. Gary Johnson really is a self-made millionaire, unlike Trump, who borrowed a "small" loan of a million dollars decades ago (which is equivalent to much more in today's dollars). Does this information convince you to vote for Gary Johnson?
Yeah, that's awesome
That's cool, but I don't agree with his politics. What's Aleppo?
11. Bill Weld and Gary Johnson were both successful two-term republican governors of heavily blue states. Does this steer you towards voting for them?
Yes, they know how to work with both parties and reach an agreement and get things done
Nope. I don't like their stances on the issues.
They sound good, but I'm not quite ready to support them just yet because
12. Donald Trump is very close to the Clinton family. So a vote for Hillary is a vote for Trump, and a vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary. Does this make it a good time to support Jill Stein or Gary Johnson?
Yes. I'll consider Jill Stein
Yes. I'll consider Gary Johnson
No. I want a woman president no matter how many private servers she has!
No. I want Trump to BUILD THE WALLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13. If you voted Bernie Sanders, or tried to vote for Bernie, in the primary. Who do you support now?
Jill Stein
Gary Johnson
Hillary Clinton
Donald trump
N/A (I did not vote, and did not want to vote, for Bernie Sanders)
14. If you used to like Trump, or if you voted for Trump in the primary but have changed your mind since. Would you have kept your support for Trump if he picked John Kasich as his running mate? (Trump did offer the VP slot to Kasich first, but he turned it down)
Yes. Kasich is still well-liked in Ohio, gets things done, and doesn't insult everybody
No. Nothing can save Trump now
15. You generally consider yourself
Socially liberal, fiscally conservative
16. Party affiliation
17. What state are you from?
18. What is Aleppo? And how do you think it affected Gary Johnson's campaign?
So what? Trump doesn't know what Aleppo is, either!
It makes him look stupid on foreign policy, so it could seriously hurt his campaign
Bad that he didn't know Aleppo, but he recovered nicely, and admitting you don't know everything is OK, as long as you own up to it and learn from it. Aleppo won't hurt him
Of course he doesn't. Because he isn't preoccupied invading other countries for no reason!
Any press is good press, so it helped more than it hurt. Because now his name is everywhere!
Still not as crazy as Jill Stein
19. Jill Stein supporters. Isn't she just a left-wing Donald trump?
I plan to vote for her because she's the closest to Bernie Sanders politically/ideologically
Maybe, but I'd rather a left-wing Trump than a right-wing Trump
NO. She is totally correct and everyone else is evil!
20. Anything else? Answer here and/or leave a message
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