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Decide My Spanking Punishment (Public Opinion)

I am 24 years old female,come from asia. I am little and have petite healthy body which currently fit for this punishment. I have being very lazy through out my life and have failed in alot of things and also I often have a very bad behaviour. Right now I being forced by my disciplinary mentor to create and write this poll (while being monitor and my lines also being edited by my mentor) . The purpose of this was to see the opinions of everyone on here and their vote toward my punishment and my mentor will act on these opinions. These are my problems: > Failed High school & University (4,5 years until now) > Frequently skip classes > Not/or Handing work late > Neglecting house chores > Skip work > Lying and making excuses to get out of work > Often talkback and being slightly rude toward parent >Recklessly spending lots of money on shopping and buying unnecessary things. NOTE: Your vote and ideas will affect my punishment after this poll ended.
Do you think I deserve a spanking punishment?
Yes, A good spanking that is
Yes, I should be severly spanked, not just a couple of spanks. More additional punishment should be incorporate along or after the spanking.
Yes, I deserve some good spanking and also other punishment as well
No, I shouldn't be spank and do not need any punishment
No, I shouldn't be spank because Im old enough to learn my problems, but need other punishment
State your own reason why do you believe I should be spank or not to be spank.(Optional)
If I truly deserve a spanking punishment, How extreme/severity do you think my spanking should be like?
A light spanking, so it remind me of my wrongdoing
A moderate spanking
A hard spanking, until there's tear and im crying
A very hard spanking, that would make me yell and cry heavily
What do you expect to see after the spanking
A light red bottom and slightly stinging
A red and stinging bottom
A well bruise bottom that is very sore
A severely bruise bottom that is extremely sore and stinging
Spanking Implements (Only 3 most voted implements will be chosen)
Light Wooden Paddle
Ratan Cane
A Stinging Tawse
Rubber or Lexan Paddle (more sting than wooden)
Wooden Bath Brush
Wooden Spatula
Recommended position for my spanking with implements. Note: A few positions will be alter for the punishment. (3 most voted position will be chosen) (No OTK)
Laying on the bed
Touching Toe
Bend Over Table/Chair
All 4 on floor (Both hands and knees on floor/ similar to Cat Camel Position)
Kneeling on floor
Other (Please Specify)
The number of swats I will be getting
Bellow 50
There will be 3 stages of spanking (each for different implement being use) How should I be dress for the spanking for stage 1 and 2 ( Only Stage 3 will be completely nude and humiliation). Optional: Why did you choose this?
Fully Clothed (Dress)
Fully Clothed (with jeans)
Fully Clothed (with skirt)
Top on,Bottom off, only covered brief panties stay on
Top on, only thong panties stay on
All clothes off, except for Bra & regular panties stay on
All clothes off, except for Bra & thong panties stay on
Everything off except either panties can stay on (Full Brief or Thong)
Should there be additional punishment after the spanking?. If yes, how many?
No, there is no extra punishment
Yes, add 1
Yes, add 2
Yes, add 3
Yes, add all
What will be the additional punishment?
Extra house chores
Writing Lines (how many)
Cornertime (how long) (5 minutes to 1hr)
Burning Enema or Ginger Fig
Extra Bed Time Spanking. State: Swats (5-50),Intensity (Light,Medium,Hard,Very Hard), Implement, Position
Am I allow to cry and touch my bottom during the spanking and able to pause for a break?
Yes, it is ok
Yes, however each break will add extra 10 swats
Yes, I can cry but I cannot touch or ask for a break (if i do touch or retaliate i will be given extra 10 swats)
No, it not allow (any retaliation or touching will resulted in extra 10 swats)
Should the spanking session be held for more than once? Since this is my first punishment session?.
Yes, maintenance spanking should be follow after this
No, Only if my bad behavior occur again or I have not learn my lesson hen this session will be repeated
No, This spanking session is enough
How should my maintenance spanking will be like? (If being selected most)
Completely the same as the first spanking session (eg: same position, implements, swats)
Lenient (reduce striking intensity and number of swats)
Very Lenient (only light/moderate intensity) (10 to 20 swats only)
When and how long I should be getting maintenance spanking? (If being selected most)
Once everyday, For atleast a month
Once everyday, For atleast 3 months
Once everyweek, For atleast a month
Once everyweek, For atleast 3 months
Once a month
Any other ideas that you can think to add or alter this punishment?
If you were my disciplinary mentor, would you spank me for these kind of behavior or problem I have?
Yes, Spanking is a must
No, spanking punishment is too harsh and cruel
I am really in trouble after I got myself into this mess, I really dislike being spanked because it is painful and humiliating, I am very afraid and fearful. My disciplinary mentor will be controlling my action and punishment for at least 1 year and which I cannot get away with. However he has allow me to write my words here to give me a last chance to write to you voters. This last question will save me from getting spank atleast so please rethink before you vote, because your choice will reflect on my punishment. Q: Should I be given a chance to make up by wrongdoings without having to be spanked?
Yes, I should not be spank and should change to be better note: (Extra Chores/other non physical punishment will added)
No, I will be spanked and I should not get away with it! Note: (Extra painful spanks are added to this and every punishment session)
This poll was created on 2016-08-23 19:03:42 by mysticalunicornzero