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Exploded Planets

In the TVF model of planetary evolution, planets fissioned from the sun in twin pairs, but 6 blew up. The inner 2, between Mars and Jupiter were V (Bellatrix), about 2 earth masses, and K (Krypton), about 3 earth masses. The middle 2 were giants LHB-A and LHB-B, the former paired with Jupiter and the latter with Saturn. The outermost pair, beyond Neptune, were T (Transneptune), about 2 earth masses, and X, about 3 earth masses. Mars was a moon of Bellatrix and Mercury of Venus. Bellatrix is a duplicate name (star Bellatrix), which is not recommended, but so is Tyche (an asteroid), the name for the currently hypothesized Planet X, which is 4 Jupiter masses and about 20,000 AUs from the Sun, while T and X were about 40 and 60 AUs from the Sun. Contrary to the misconception, Planet X did not mean the 10th planet, it meant ''unknown''; Lowell designated the planet as X in 1919, long before Pluto was identified; and it was Lowell who discovered Pluto but didn't identify it as such--Tombaugh found it by examining plates while looking for Planet X. Also contrary to the misconception, giant planets are not gaseous, they are liquid, even though they are always called gaseous.
Which type of names for the exploded planets would you prefer? (Most hypothetical planet names are Greek).
1. all Roman names: Bellatrix for V, Quirinus (a Roman war god) for K, Opis (consort of Jupiter) for LHB-A, Lua Saturnis (consort of Saturn) for LHB-B, Mortus (god of death and twin of Somnus) for T, Somnus (god of sleep) for X.
2. all Greek names (same order as above): Enyo (goddess of war), Ares (god of war), Agrius (giant slain by Hercules), Anteus (giant slain by Hercules), Thanatos (god of death and twin of Hypnos), Hypnos (god of sleep).
3. corresponding to the letters: Vulcan, Krypton, Agrius or Anteus, Bia (giantess), Trans-Neptune, Xenios or other.
4. As it is already: V(Bellatrix), K (Krypton), LHB-A, LHB-B, T(Trans-Neptune), X.
Which name would you like for Planet X?
1. Xenios (an epithet for Zeus pertaining to xenia, a custom and concept in Greece whereby the host gives hospitality to a stranger who is far from home).
2. Xindus (destroyed planet of the Xindi in 3rd year of Star Trek: Enterprise)
3. Xaviera (mutant island in X-Men series named for Charles Xavier, aka Prof. X).
4. Xanadu (planet in short story Planetary Agent X by Mack Reynolds and in short story For Love and Glory by Poul Anderson)
5. Extrema (Latin for outermost).
6. Excalibur.
7. Ex.
8. X.
Should the first pair in the Roman set of names be Romulus and Remus, the legendary twin founders of Rome? (these are duplicates as they are also the names of 2 moonlets of the asteroid Sylvia).
1. Yes
2. No.
Should Bellatrix, as it is a duplicate (star Bellatrix), be...?
1. altered to Bellatrix Prime.
2. altered to Bellatrix Secundus.
3. kept as is.
Should Castor and Pollux be the names of V and K in the Greek set? (These would be duplications as they are the Gemini).
1. Yes
2. No
Should Hera (consort of Zeus, counterpart of Jupiter) and Rhea (consort of Cronus, counterpart of Saturn) be used for the middle pair in the Greek set even though these are names of an asteroid and a moon, respectively.
Should the middle pair in the Greek set be ...?
1. Agrius and Anteus
2. Agrius and Alcyoneus (also a giant slain by Hercules)
3. Anteus and Alcyoneus
Should the middle pair in the letters set be...?
Agrius and Bia
Alcyoneus and Bia
Anteus and Bia
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