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Pee Holding Challenge

Can you hold your pee the entire lenght of the poll?
How old are you?
What is your gender?
Why are you taking this poll?
I took it as a challenge
I was curious to see if I could make it
I enjoy holding my pee
A friend wanted me to do it
Is a bathroom available? Are you in a public place?
I am alone, and can pee whenever I want
I am in a public place, and I can pee whenever I want
I am alone, but there is no available bathroom in the foreseeable future (bold! I like it)
I am in public, and there is no available bathroom in the foreseeable future (very bold!)
How badly do you need to pee?
1. Not at all
2. Starting to feel something
3. Need to pee a little bit
4. Need to pee. Normally would have gone by now
5. Really need to pee. Can't hold still and the bladder is sensitive.
6. Experiencing a lot of pain. Definately would have gone by now, even in a more awkward situation
7. Bursting to pee. Pee related anxiety hightening, and physical solidness of the bladder
8. The bladder is now protruding slightly and throbbing. Cannot hold much longer.
9. The bladder is bulging more significantly, and quite possibly has leaked by now.
10. On the verge of peeing. Most likely leaked, possibly substantial leak. The geiser cannot be contained.
To start the challege, drink two large, full glasses of water (or at least 500 ml) and wait for fifteen minutes before moving on to the next question. How are you doing now?
I need to pee a little bit more now.
I need to pee so much more now! Hurry up!!!
Oooh... oooh... oooh... finally!
I didn't make it. (Go to the end and rate the poll... thanks!)
Lean forwards, and push hard into your bladder with both your hands. Hold for thirty seconds. How was that?
Extremely painful!
Extremely painful and now I need to pee much more!
I spurted, but kept most of the pee in.
I wet myself
Drink one more large glass of water and wait five minutes. How are you doing?
I need to pee a bit more.
I need to pee so much more! Hurry up!!!
Oooh... oooh... oooh... yes! I made it again. (Phew)
I peed.
Drinking contest! Drink as much (water) as you can. I've been playing along, and I drank two full glasses. See if you can drink as much as me. You can do more if you're feeling bold. How much did you do?
One. (Drink this, at least)
Two. (Nice!)
Three. (One, two, three; one, two, three; drink... throw 'em back, until I loose count)
Four. (Very impressive. Although I have a feeling you will really really regret it later.)
Five or more. (Don't throw up. And if you drank more that many, you either have a bladder of steel, or you are totally not going to make it through the next step.)
You're done with water. Sort of. You're done drinking it. Now you just have to hold all that water in for another ten minutes. All 4+ glasses. What do you think about that? Select all that apply.
Oh no!
(Crosses legs)
(Double crosses legs)
(Sticks hand between legs)
(Sticks both hands between legs)
(Rocks back and forth)
(Other pee holding/potty dance movement)
Back huh? Rating scale! (See above if you forget)
Peed waiting.
You thought you had it easy. Hold it in another five minutes! How are you feeling now?
Fine! (Liar!)
I'm begining to have to pee now. (Tries to hide desperation)
I could REALLY go for a bathroom now... (squirms in chair). Like NOW.
I'm about to explode (whimpers). Oooh! PLEASE let me pee! I NEED to pee!
I peed. Those extra five minutes took me over the edge.
How much longer can you hold it in for?
Oh, at least an hour... no problem!
Half an hour. Maybe more.
Half an hour. Tops. (Bounces slightly)
Fifteen minutes? Ten minutes? Not long! And I don't want to find out, so get a move on with this will you? (Squirms)
Five minutes? If even? My bladder is stretched like a water balloon and I MUST PEE!
Oooh... A minute or less! Oooh... Nothing can keep Niagra Falls at bay. I am bursting at the seams!!! Oooh... ooooh please get on with this! Oooh...
Hold it in for as long as you said you could. Did you make it?
Yes. Easily! (You sold yourself short, man. Drink another glass of water and wait ten more minutes!)
Yes, but it was difficult! (Hold if for another five minutes then. Get those bladder juices flowing!)
If your bladder was a water balloon, how full would it be? How close to bursting?
It popped already!
You could tell it had water in it if you shook it, but close to empty
Filling up, just starting to stretch
Stretching! Much stretching! [insert pee-pee dance] Too much stetching! Something's going to give soon.
Oooh...It's to the point you think it would have already burst by now. Like seriously, you can't die from a broken bladder can you? (no) Oooh... Okay, good
Now hold it in another five minutes. IMPORTANT! Do not go to the bathroom at any point in these five minutes. You have gone too far to give up. If you must pee, do it elsewhere (like pants, bushes, trash can, etc.) But if at all possible squeeze those thighs togethor, and bottle your pee up!!! How are you holding up now? I know I'm absolutely desperate.
Still fine! (I don't believe you)
Wow... that's really pushing my limits
How has this poll gone for you so far?
Poke yourself hard in the bladder fifty times, as fast as you can (this one really hurt me). What happened?
Hurt and I need to pee more.
Hurt and I need to pee MUCH more.
I peed.
If you are too proud to give up and too desperate to hold it any more, congraduations! You may now pee a victorious pee, then return scroll and scroll to the bottom to rate the poll. But if you are determined to wet and or suffer even longer, the keep going and continue past the ratings on to the last few challenges.
Goodie! Maybe then I'll start needing to pee. (Dude, you either cheated or have been playing this wrong.)
Oh yes! I love pain!
Uhhh... no thanks. The bathroom sounds too nice right now.
Lay on your stomach with a tennis ball, water bottle or anything reasonably large resting directly beneath your bladder. Wait for thirty seconds. Then lift all your arms and legs up for ten seconds so all your weight rests on your bladder. What happened?
Lost control and peed
Agonizing pain and spurted significantly
Agonizing pain, but had minimal to no leakage
Felt nothing at all (sure you did, sure you did)
Go interact with people. Talk to someone you know if they are near, call a friend if not (preferable a video chat), or drive to a place without a bathroom (maybe just drive around for a little, or go on a walk. Try to spend five to ten minutes away from a bathroom. If you can't, just wait five to ten minutes, honor rule, and don't go pee.
I wet myself
Oooh... It hurt so badly, everyone knew I needed to go so badly. And I barely made it through. I might have leaked, too. I'm going to explode any minute now
I really need to pee... they probably could tell too... Ten minutes is a long time!
No problem!
Final challenge: take a shower without peeing. Good luck!
Passed with leakage
Passed with difficulty
Succeeded with flying colors
Rate the poll time! Now you can pee if you haven't already done so. What do you think of my poll?
Not bad
Not very good
Really bad!
Any advise for future polls?
Make it longer
Make it shorter
Add more tasks (activities without drinking or waiting)
Fewer tasks
Make us drink more
Make us drink less
Make us wait longer
Make us wait less
More optional questions or activities who's difficulty depend on how much you need to pee (wait as long as you think you can, etc.)
Less optional stuff
I hope you enjoyed this. Thank you! Other comments, questions, concerns?
This poll was created on 2015-11-28 04:19:11 by HHeLiBeB