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My school dress code

I just got my new hand book for school and I was reading the dress code section came to the grooming and shoe section want to see if your school is like mine.some of it was weird to me so I just put those parts in the poll. I emailed the school and was told it is right with no type 0's and those are the rules period and would be enforced as is The email I got back was very hateful
Students and parents may determine a students personal dress and grooming standards, provided that they comply with the following: Hair must be styled out of the eyes and must be clean Boys should have their hair off their collar and not covering over half of their ears. Duck tails, rat tails or Mohawk are prohibited. Boys will be clean shaven.
Does your school have the same hair policy
no policy
other Please explain
All clothes must be modest and not create a class disturbance. Footwear will be out lined as follows a. Shoes will not be required during normal school actives.so to promote a relaxed learning environment b. It is recommended students at a minimum bring a shoe to school c. No cleats maybe worn in the school d. All other foot wear is acceptable
my school has this policy
my school requires shoes
other please explain
b says:it is recommended students at a minimum bring a shoe to school I thought this was a type 0 the school said no
do you think this was a type 0
no it makes sense
other please explain
b. It is recommended students at a minimum bring a shoe to school
I think this means a pair of shoes
I think it means a single shoe
if your school had the above rule what would you do
just take a pair of shoes but not wear them
Take a single shoe but not wear it
leave my shoes at home because it says recommends
other please explain
if your school had this shoe policy what would you wear
just socks
my shoes
one shoe
they even have a policy on Socks e. All students must wear socks. f. only solid colored socks free of writing or designs may be wore g. colors must be: white, black, navy, burgundy, tan, brown, yellow or grey h. Socks must clearly extend above the top of the shoe (if shoe is wore) so as not to appear as though the student is not wearing socks if socks worn are not clearly and obviously visible over the top of the shoe, they are too short.
my school has a similar rule
my school has no rules on socks
if one shoe why
i would not wear just one
just to test the rule
Any thing to add you can add it here or email me with questions at blade@cutey.com
This poll was created on 2016-07-30 03:29:44 by bladerunner