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Catholic teen girls making their First Holy cpmmunion

I want to know if any catholic girls made their first communion between the ages of 13 and 17 and what you wore and how you felt.
First communion between the ages of 13 and 17
Did you make your First communion between 13 and 17?
No i didnt
yes i did
My first communion is comming up
How old were you when you made your first communion?
Did you wear the first communion outfit?
yes i did
no i didnt
just a white dress
If you wore the white dress and veil,was it required or traditional?
it was required
it was traditional
What did you wear with your dress and veil?
white tights
Lace anklets
Knee hi stockings
Many parishes consider the communion dress an extension of the baptism dress or gown and baby type underwear is worn under the communion dress.Did you wear baby type underwear under your dress?
Yes i did
no i didnt
the baby underwear was required by my parish
mom and dad made me wear baby underwear
What did your baby under wear consist of?
disposable diaper and under shirt
cloth diaper,plastic pants and under shirt
plastic pants and undershirt
Did you wear the baby underwear just under your dress or under white tights?
wore them under my dress
wore them under my tights
How did you feel being a teen and wearing the baby underwear under your communion dress?
didnt like it
it was ok
they made me feel like the little girls in my class
Did you wear your baby underwear for your party also?
yes,i had to
Do you feel the cloth diaper,plastic pants and under shirt help make girls feel more pure for their first communion?
no,its stupid
yes i do
i feel girls should be pure like a ababy
If your parents made you wear the baby underwear under your dress,how did you feel towards them?
i was mad at them
i accepted their decision
i told them i was a young woman and didnt need the baby underwear
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