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Wearing a diaper on special occasions as a teen(girl related questions )

He, My name is jennifer and I am an 17 year old girl. And as the title suggest I need to wear a diaper on special occasions ( car trips, christmas that sort of thing). Normally i dont have accidents at day and im not a bedwetter usually. So I wanted to know if there are more girls ( and maybe some boys who take the test aswell) who wear diapers. (Please dont answer if you like to wear diapers as fetish cause that influwence the scoring) (long questionnare but it will help me out alot) http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/613476/
Lets start of with age. So how old are you?
under 14
Next question. Do you have alot of day time accidents?
yes , daily (almost)
yes, 3/4 times a week
yes 1/2 a week
yes a couple times a month
yes once a month
no , not in the past year or so
Do you have night time accidents?
yes , everynight
yes 3/4 a week
yes 1/2 a week
yes a couple times a month
yes once a month
not as i can remember
Do you wear a diaper at night?
yes, disposable diaper
yes cloth diaper
yes pull up
yes, cloth diaper and plastic pants
yes disposable diaper and plastic pants
Do you wear a diaper on special occasions? ( I myself do and my diaper is a disposable) (if it is diffrent diaper eveytime choice the most commen)
yes, disposable with plastic pants
yes cloth diaper with plastic pants
yes cloth diaper
yes, pull-up
Why do you wear a diaper on special occasions?(my parents force me to)
Parents want me to
im incontinent
might have an accident
parents force me to wear one
i do not wear diapers
On what occasions do you need to wear a diaper? ( I need it on, pretty much everywhere)
while on long car trips (2 hour plus)
going on a swim (swimdiaper question will come later)
on bbq's
on airplane
theme park
I dont wear diapers
while hiking in forest (for example)
sleepovers at there house
ice skatting
in train
4th july
sleepover your house
holidays with family
while on car trips (30 min plus)
new years
while on a boat
Who choice the diapers? you or parents or someone else? ( My mom chooses my diapers. long trip abena diaper. short trips tena diaper.)
My mom
The one who changes me
both parents
no one (no diaper)
my dad
Do you mind being in diapers? ( i do mind them but i am getting used to it they are just so thick and i cant close my legs properly.)( and under my dress when i sit you can see a bulge because i cnat close my legs thats embarrising)
no, they are nice and soft
no, its easy
i dont wear them
yes, they are thick
yes , they are embarrising
yes i cant close my legs
yes, they get hot
yes, cause i am not allowed to undo them
Who puts the diaper on you? ( My so called "caretaker" aka my mom mostly diapers me and change me)
im not diapered
older relatives (aunt , mom,dad , uncle grand dad/mom)
both parents
Are you allowed to undo them to go to the toilet if you need to? ( I cant undo them myself and need to use my diapers)
yes, but parents undo it
No, only my parents
yes, but parents undo them and only for pooing
no, not at all
not diapered
yes, but only for pooing
yes, for everything
Who changes you? (my mom mostly)
not diapered
all relatives
Are you allowed to ask for a change? (My mom tells me that i get changed soon enough so)
no diaper
Are you being diaper checked/controlled to see if you wear the diaper and if you are wet/messy? (I am getting checked by mom if im wet or messy)
yes to see if im wet
no diaper
yes to see if im messy
yes, only to see if i wear my diaper
how are you being checked/controlled?(my mom puts her finger between my leg hole in to my diaper to see if im wet and pulls on my back to see if i pooped myself)
show diaper by pulling down pants /lifitng skirt or dress
let caretaker (can be anyone i dont know what you answered yet) feel the diaper
let caretaker put finger through leg hole to feel if wet
open diaper to see
not diapered
no checks
being smelled
tell them
show top of diaper
Where do you get changed if your at a house? ( my mom usually changes me in the bathroom or in the owners bedroom)
owners bedroom
right on the spot
on kitchen table
no changes
not diapered
Somewhere else where you get changed?
Any occasion i did not ask and you wear a diaper. (something went weird)
How do you get changed? ( I need to lay down and let mom handle it donw there)
lay down and let someone else clean me and rediaper me
lay down but change myself
sit but be cleaned by someone else
sit and do by yourself
standing but done by someone else
standing and alone
not diapered
While on a car trip where do you get changed?(i get changed in the back of the car)
back of the car
at planned stop/arrival
not diapered
not changed
How long does it take between wetting/messing and change?(messing right after check and wetting depends on how wet)
10 min
1 hour
not diapered
1,5 h
30 min after wetting
right after check
2 h
how many times you get diaper checked?( every hour for me )
not checked
not diapered
30 min
2 h
2,5 h
3 h
3,5 h
4 h
Has anyone ever seen you get diaper changed? ( I did at christmass in the room next to whole family i had wet myself )
yes, a stranger
yes my family
not diapered
yes but only my diaper changer
Has anyone see your diaper outside of people knowing? ( yes on christmass and while swimming under my bikini)
yes a stranger (while bieng changed)
yes a family member ( at change time)
yes A family member (just spotted it)
Yes a stranger (just seen it )
not diapered
not seen
Now a personal question are your pubes shaven due to being diapered? (mine are shaven by mom but only when i get diapered)
yes by mom
yes by parents (both do sometimes)
not diapered
not shaven
yes by myself
yes by dad
no pubes yet (lucky girl)
While swimming do you wear a diaper? ( sadly i do)
If you need to wear a diaper and you say you wont do you get punishment? ( yes i do and that means thicker diapers/more diapers and sometimes longer in filthy ones)
yes , longer in diapers
yes spanking
yes thicker diapers
yes, no change
yes, diaper being visable
not diapered
no punishment
sent to room
yelled at
Do you wear certain clothes while wearing a diaper?(i wear sweatpants, dresses and skirts mostly)
yh skirts
yh sweatpants
yh shorts
yes jeans
not diapered
yh dresses
Why do you wear certain clothes? (more comfi)
no certain clothes
less visable
not diapered
against the heat
While being changed did you ever "feel something" at your crotch area? ( when i get whiped if there is poo down there then yes i sometimes feel something)
im a boy
not diapered
If so what do you do? (hod it and if it gets to much make a little gasp/moan)
im a boy
not diapered
try ignoring
hold it
If you gasp/moan or something does something happen? (mom tells me its ok its over soon but to be cooperative)
4th last question: are you able to close your legs when you wear them?
yes easily
no but almost
no by alot
not diapered
yes but barely
what are your day/night time diapers? (tena/abena for me)
Have you ever had booster pads/inlays in your diaper for extra protection?( i did from oregon to florida road trip i couldnt put my legs togheter)
Could you explain in detail how your changing goes? (i need to lay down on my moms bed and spread my legs. She untaps the diaper and wipes my crotch with babywipes. after that in put my legs up and she does my but. then cream over crotch/butt and i keep my legs up so she can put a diaper under me. She puts the tapes on and let me stand up after. If i wasnt against the diaper and i was cooperating then i can dress myself otherwise she does that)
finnaly is there any other way you get a diaper check (forgot to ask) and do you have something else to tell or recommedations etc.
This poll was created on 2016-07-14 12:24:49 by jennifer sarah smith