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I Was Stripped 2

Last Year I made a poll on here about being stripped and embarrassed in kindergarten I had mentioned that there was another incident I had in school and some people requested another poll, if you didn't take my poll from last year the link is included below http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/601941
When I was sophomore in High School I was not very popular, I was tall for my age, but also scrawny, I wore boxers and boxer briefs through the year, pantsings and wedgies were a multiple time a year occurrence for me, I had also been stripped naked a couple of times in the past (once in kindergarten and once in 7th grade) also a few times at home in front of guests.
Earlier in the day I had already been pantsed by a freshman, wedgied by a senior, swirlied by a freshman & a sophomore and pantsed again by a sophomore, it was almost lunch time and I was walking to my locker to put my books away before heading to the cafeteria, I got to my locker and put my combination in and was putting away my stuff, when all of a sudden I felt my pants & dark blue bpxer briefs get yanked down to my ankles in front of a crowded hallway, and to top it off on either side of me was a hot, popular girl, captain of the cheerleading squad, state championship winning basketball player on the other, the pantser a guy who had bullied me since elementary school, stepped on my pants and boxers so I couldn't pull them right away while the whole crowd laughed
So far would you have found it funny?
If you were the pantser in this story would you have stopped here and let me pull my pants back, or keep embarrassing me like this guy did
Stopped with the pantsing
Kept going til you were naked
The girl to my right was in the class that I just had, and during that class she was quite annoyed with me, I kept correcting her and telling her to shush, do you think that made her find it any funnier?
If you were there to see this how would you have reacted so far?
Recorded a Video
Laughed at you
Threw trash at you
Took Pictures
As the crowd in the hallway started to form a circle around me, and people their phones out, taking pictures and recording it, the girl on my right grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head, the guy who had pulled my pants & boxers down knocked me to the ground and removed my shoes, socks, pants & boxer briefs, while the basketball playing girl took my shirt off leaving me totally naked in front of the whole crowd of close to 150 students at this point, they threw my clothes into the crowd and held my arms at my side and held me on display, rotating in a circle so the crowd could see my butt and see me from the front, and get all the pictures and videos that they wanted
Funny so far?
If you found this funny so far, what was the funniest part?
If you were in the crowd around us what would you have done?, if my clothes had been thrown near you what would you have done with them?
If you were right next to me, an unpopular nerdy kid and we had just had a class together where I annoyed you the whole time, then you saw me get pantsed, would you have helped embarrass me like this girl did?
No, but I would have found it highly amusing
After my tormentors were satisfied with my humiliation they let me go and I was able to cover my hands and run for it...well I couldn't run for it people in the circle kept trying to push me back into the middle, get more pictures, pull my hands away, teachers were trying to get through crowd to see what was going on, but were having a hard time because of all the students, my clothes were nowhere to be seen, I saw an opening behind me and turned and ran for it, I was able to get through crowd at first, but they started to tighten back up, I just sprinted through them, at some point someone got knocked over, I got through the circle of people that were still laughing at me, and taking pictures, although this now exposed me to more people, i ran for the nearest bathroom which seemed like a good idea at the time, until I realized it was lunch time I had to go into the cafeteria to get to the bathroom...in the middle of lunch, although this thought occurred to me unfortunately late, right about the time I made it to the cafeteria, and all of a sudden I felt more eyes coming towards me, and another chorus of laughter burst towards me, I ran through the bathroom door, almost ran into a kid who was leaving, who grinned at my nakedness, and ran into the nearest stall
Almost to the end now, what would you have done, if you saw someone run into the cafeteria during lunch totally naked?
laughed hysterically
Grabbed me & tried to expose me fully again
Nothing, Keep eating
Help Me
What if you were in the bathroom and a naked nerd almost ran into to you trying to get away from his humiliation
Other (Feel free to leave on the message board)
Give me a swirly, then push me back out
Give me a swirly, but not push me back out
Take A Picture
Pushed back through the door into the cafeteria
Nothing, Let Me Get Away
I stayed in the stall of the bathroom almost in tears, more than half the school had seen me naked by now, every now and then someone came in and taunted me, and tried to lure me back out, every now and then one tried to get into the stall door, but then realized how that odd that looked if someone else came in, I waited until lunch was over, and for the next bell to ring, when people had finally gone to class, I poked my head out the door to verify that the cafeteria was now empty, and ran to the office where I was greeted by two grinning seniors and the office staff, they gave some sweats with the school logo on it, asked me who did it, and called my parents, I was taken home early when my mother came to pick me up, when I came to school the next day, my boxer briefs were swinging on the flagpole I never saw my pants or shirt again, my shoes I later found tied together and hanging from a power line outside
If you were there, what part of this would have been the funniest to you?
Compared to my other poll like this one, which stripping would you say was more embarrassing for me, or funnier for everyone else, and why is it worse?
If you could've added to my humiliation in a way I haven't mentioned, if you were there, what would you have done?
On a Scale of 1-10 How funny would you say this would have been to see it
This poll was created on 2016-07-01 08:19:46 by KGembarrassed