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Clothed vs Unclothed

There's always been much controversy as to whether wrestlers need to fight unclothed . To check if they truly need to once and for all, a wrestling club's manager has pitted two teams against each other, clothed and unclothed. Unclothed team consist of Jake, Evan and Earl, 170, 168 and 165cm, 50, 55 and 60Kg respectively. The clothed team consist of Jerel, Will, Juneo. As the match is aimed at finding out how much clothing affects wrestling, there is no referee, just a fight to unconsciousness. Clothed team is fully covered. A long sleeve shirt and a pair of pants and boots. Unclothed team is wearing as little as possible. Speeds and sneakers with no socks
The match starts. Jerel, Will and Juneo looks at their opponent, who spent the previous ten minutes warming up in the gym, their bodies glistening with sweat. Jake and Earl are looking especially good with abs but Evan is not bad either. The match starts with some trashtalking
Jerel laughs at Evan. "Why are you guys dressed so ridiculously? Everyone knows that clothing helps cushion impact of attacks!" and Evan looks away hesitantly
Earl laughs at Juneo. "You guys are absurd, wearing long sleeve for a sport that you need to move about a lot? How are you going to be flexible?" Juneo considers his choices
Jake and Will stare at each other and prepare to fight
The match starts and the unclothed team sends in Evan against Juneo first. Evan takes the lead due to being more flexible. What happens?
Evan Punches Juneo who dodges despite being slowed down by his clothes. Juneo then uses his nails to scratch Evan's bare chest, causing it to bleed a little. Evan holds his chest in pain.
Juneo dodges Evan's Punches and grabs the exposed waistband of Evan and pulls it up, giving Evan a wedgie
Juneo gets kicked in the groin by Evan, who is faster than him. Juneo's jeans do little to protect his manhood.
Juneo dodges Evan's attacks but Evan grabs his clothes and pulls him in for a Punch to the face
Eventually, Juneo overcomes the inflexibility and gains the uppercase, he Punches Evan once in his face. Evan backs off
Juneo grabs Evan's exposed groin and keeps it in a claw. Juneo tightens his grip until Evan falls to the mat in pain. Evan tries to grab Juneo's groin but fails to find a grip
Juneo Punches Evan in his exposed abdomen. Evan falls in pain, spitting out water
Evan dodges Juneo's attacks and pulls his shirt to choke him
Finally, one wrestler is knocked out
Juneo grabs Evan's groin again and this time, pinches it with his powerful fingers, Evan tries to find a soft spot but the groin is protected by the jeans and his abdomen is protected by the shirt, Evan finally tries to punch the face but is knocked out by the pain
Evan grabs the shirt and pulls it all the way back, choking Juneo, Juneo gasps for breath and slowly loses consciousness. He should have worn a pair of trunks
Juneo grabs Evan by the groin and Evan chokes Juneo with his shirt. Both wrestlers tighten their grip and eventually, Juneo and Evan both faint and is knocked out
The second round is between Earl and Jerel
Jerel Punches Earl in his abs while Earl gives Jerel an Atomic wedgie
Earl is quickly hit in the groin and loses the momentum
Jerel loses the test of strength to the stronger and more flexible Earl
The second wrestler is knocked out
Earl Punches Jerel in the groin, Jerel's jeans compresses the manhood and Jerel faints
Jerel puts Earl in a sleeper hold. Earl tries to bite Jerel's arm but Jerel's shirt is too thick. Earl faints
Jerel and Earl both grab each other in the groin, both the speedo and the jeans worsen the grabs and both wrestlers faint at the same time
The third round begins between Will and Jake
Jake starts by nailing Will in the jaw, easily taking the lead with devastating Punches to weak spots
Will starts by aiming for the vulnerability of Jake's groin, amplified by the lack of clothing around it. He kicks Jake in his speedo-clad manhood and quickly takes the lead
Will grabs Jake's nips and twists them, thanks to the lack of clothes, Jake takes the pain and cries out loud
Jake grabs Will's shirt and smashes him to the turnbuckle with it. Will is helpless as he is slinged around
Regardless, Jake takes the lead
With his flexibility of being shirtless, Jake takes the lead against Will and kicks him in the head
With his flexibility of being shirtless, Jake takes the lead against Will and kicks him in the stomach.
Will dodges Jake's attacks and uses one of his sleeves to choke Jake
For some reason, Will manged to nail Jake right in his groin again. Will's untrimmed nails are hurting Jake. What happens next
Jake is helpless as he is locked in the vice grip
Will releases Jake and Jake falls to the ground in pain, begging for mercy
Jake frees himself by kicking Will's face.
The third round ends with
Will charges up for a full power Kick and slams his shin into Jake's groin. The speedo does little to protect Jake and Jake can only fall, foaming at the lips
Will is knocked out as he fails to dodge Jake's attacks due to his heavy clothing
Will manages to corner Jake who tries to fight his way out, but the clothing's protections are too good and Jake is battered by Will until he faints
Jake tries to kick Will but Will grabs his leg and his exposed groin. Jake then tries another leg kicking Will in the face bur twisting his manhood, they both fall, knocked out
The results?
Clothed wrestlers fight better. Speedo wrestlers will now be the jobbers
Unclothed wrestlers fight better. Dressed wrestlers will now be the jobbers
Clothing does not affect ability to wrestle
Who is the best wrestler
Who is the worst wrestler
The winning team humiliates the losing team, who wins, who lose and how is the loser humiliated
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