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When does your bladder reach its limit? (take this if you need to pee!)

How do feel?
1) I think there is a bit pee in me, but I can hold it for a few more hours.
2) I'm quite desperate, I'll probably see the toilet soon.
3) *drip, drip, drip* I'm REALLY desperate. If I don't see the toilet soon, I'll wet myself.
4) There is a slight urge to pee, but I'm not in any trouble.
5) I'm almost wetting myself. I can't think of anything else but peeing!
Drink 2 glasses of water and come back in 15 minutes. How are you now? (same scale as before)
Now to some exercises! Lay on your stomach and relax every muscle, including your bladder. Think of how nice it would be to retrieve yourself. What happened?
The urge to pee decreased.
The urge to pee increased.
There is a small spot in my underwear.
I wetted myself.
Have 2 more glasses of water and do 30 jumping jacks. Again, what happened?
I'm still dry.
It got worse.
A few drops, but I can controll it.
I'm soaking wet.
Let a little bit pee out. How's it down there?
It felt good and it was controllable.
My need decreased, but I can feel my bladder filling up again.
My need increased and I'm trying hard to keep it in.
I wish I could do it again! A bit more than expected came out.
I couldn't control it! It ended up being glut. That was retrieving.
Have 1 more glass of water. You're doing well! Now sit full-clothed on the toiled and listen to rain or waterfall sounds for at least 5 minutes. How are you holding up?
My need increased further.
A small spot in my underwear.
I had a hard time and I almost wet myself.
I went with the rain/waterfall and retrieved myself.
This the last task! Take a bath in semi-warm water. Fully concentrate on the water and your bladder. Did you retrieve yourself?
My need increased and I can feel it bursting.
I feel so good! I'm not 100% sure but I think I peed.
I couldn't hold it any longer. The water in the tub is yellowish now.
What are you gonna do now?
I'll change my underwear and go to the toilet. I'm glad I didn't pee that much!
I'll change completely. I'm so soaked!
I'll hold it a bit longer. That was way too easy! (liar)
Run to the toilet of course! I'm dry, but my bladder is bursting!
This poll was created on 2016-06-05 10:51:34 by Applesauce ☆★☆