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Mixed singles tennis

For women who play tennis. Your tennis club is planning an exhibition tournament for its anniversary - mixed singles with the women's first team against the men's second team. The dress code states that trainers or tennis shoes must be worn and that women's nipples and vaginas must be covered in standing position. See-through without underwear is not allowed.

What would you wear on top?

5% (4) Conservative short-sleeved t-shirt
16% (11) Slightly low-necked sleeveless top
41% (28) Very low-cut sleeveless top
10% (7) Just a bra or bikini top
25% (17) Just pasties

67 voters have answered this question.

What would you wear on bottom?

4% (3) Normal tennis skirt with underwear
1% (1) Normal tennis skirt without underwear
10% (7) Short tennis skirt with underwear
2% (2) Short tennis skirt without underwear
23% (16) Very short tennis skirt with underwear
29% (20) Very short tennis skirt without underwear - ensuring no vagina shows while standing still or you lose the game
0% (0) Fairly modest underwear or bikini bottoms
26% (18) Thong

67 voters have answered this question.

Would you deliberately try to distract your male opponent?

91% (61) Yes
8% (6) No

67 voters have answered this question.

If yes, how would you distract him? (please select all that apply)

83% (52) Cleavage
61% (38) Underwear
69% (43) Fluttering eyelashes
33% (21) Flashing nipples on his serve - ensuring you are moving so it's allowed
40% (25) Lifting up your skirt on his serve to flash vagina - ensuring you are moving so it's allowed
51% (32) Posing seductively on the chair between ends
70% (44) Grunting/shrieking/squealing
17% (11) Sequins
40% (25) Perfume
40% (25) Verbally
27% (17) Pulling faces
12% (8) Bright colours/patterns
88% (55) Walking back to your mark with your back to him and wiggling your bottom

62 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2016-05-19 15:34:26 by allegria_vagina
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