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privacy vs social

curious to learn how people balance their privacy needs whist socialising in peer groups
please indicate what level of privacy you need when out in public in a social group for things like personal needs
1 need a lot of privacy - explain why
2 need some privacy but dont mind a few trusted friends knowing my personal habits - why some not others?
3 am quite open tomost of my close friends but not to those whomare acquaintances - where do you draw the line of trust?
4 very open to all friends or people i meet irrespective of trust - are there exceptions?
you have a situation, your in a pub, you need the restroom to take a pee - will you let a trusted mate or buddy go with you at the same time ? if yes why if no why not?
tell me your answer?
in the restroom what type of toilet would you be comfortable using if a trusted buddy came in with you at same time?
you would only use a cubicle no matter what toilet your buddy chose to use - if so tell me why
you feel brave and take a urinal - what does your buddy do? does the buddy choose the cubicle instead or pick a urinal and if so how close is the urinal he chose to yours?
how do you feel if that happens - do you get bashfull bladder or can you pee without any issue?
if the buddy was less of a trusted buddy than your bestie would any of the previous answers be different?
your chatting to a buddy,mate,friend or aquaintance - they ask you about your toilet use preference - what would you tell them and would that be a truthfull honest reply or just an answer to protect your ego an public image to your social group and tell a white lie
give details
whenout socially you are when around others
take one of your buddies for example, tell me how your behaviour regarding your personal privacy needs changes - when in your home - when at your buddies place - whenout together socially - when out at formal occasions -when at large events with many other people present
you need to stay overnight at a mates house - what sleeping arrangements would you be ok with and which you would not be ok with
1 you would prefer a room of your own
2 you are happy to share with your mate if the beds are separate or theres a camp bed set up
3 you would sleep on the couch or airbed/camp bed in lounge or swap with your mate if he gave up his bed to take the lounge option
4 you would be happy to top n tail in a double bed in their room
5 you would be happy to share a double bed
suppose a trusted friend wanted to tell you something very personal about themselves how receptive would you be to this
tell me
they tell you that they are in love with you
they tell you they are transgender and are really the opposite sex to what they present themselves to be
they tell you they are gay and have fallen in love with you
they say they are gay and want you to help them approach a person they have fallen in love with that isn't you
after one of the above declarations what effect on your privacy issues we've discussed wpould their be?
1 become more private
2 be a little more cautious but generally the same
3 be ok with it all and not change your need to be more private about yourself
This poll was created on 2016-05-13 23:37:30 by poll inquisitor