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Jared Vs Cassie

Jared is a 45kg, 160cm soccer player. Cassie is a 55kg, 164cm marching band major. Jared knows he's no match for Cassie but is still forced to fight her because of the matchup. In a fight to unconsciousness, who wins?

Cassie struts into the ring with confidence as Jared walks with a frown knowing he will be beaten up. The spotlight shines on Jared, his fans cheer for him in his black white trunks. What is Jared's type of trunk?

5% (5) Jammers
32% (31) Speedos
19% (19) Boxing shorts
19% (19) Basketball shorts
22% (22) Briefs

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The bell rings and the fight starts, Jared makes the first move

12% (12) Jared grabs Cassie's head and tries to powerbomb her but Cassie trips him, when he is attempting to get up, receives a kick to his stomach, he falls again and Cassie stomps on his midsection
12% (12) Jared punches Cassie's face and she falls to the ground, Jared then climbs the turnbuckle and jumps down, slamming himself against Cassie, who is in a lot of pain
75% (74) Cassie dodges Jared's punch and kicks him in the groin, Jared's falls to his knees holding his groin as Cassie grabs his hair and punches his face repeatedly

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In the fight, Jared somehow gets the initiative and kicks Cassie in her groin, Cassie kneels over, what happens next?

65% (63) "That's not how you hit a girl's groin, you need more strength" Cassie says as she smiles, she's not as vulnerable as Jared there. "THIS is how you do it" she continues and gives Jared an uppercut in his manhood, feeling the testicles compress between his pelvis and her fist. Jared falls in pain, grabbing his manhood and crying.
12% (12) Jared shoves his crotch in Cassie's face, humiliating her as she groans in pain on the mat
21% (21) Cassie waits for Jared to get close and quickly connects her closest weapon to his groin, she bites Jared's trunk, Jared winces in pain and pulls her off, bite marks on his groin causes him much pain

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With the fight quickly ending, the crowd is getting more and more convinced that this fight is one sided, they throw weapons for either side to use and end the match quickly

76% (73) A middle aged man throws an empty soft drink can up into the ring, Cassie grabs it and pulls the semi-unconscious Jared up, she pulls the trunk of Jared's waistband and inspects the gears inside "Aww, what a small package" she taunts Jared. Then puts the aluminium can inside his groin. Cassie punches the can and the can flattens along with Jared's soft manhood. Jared falls and couldn't get up in 10 seconds, he loses to Cassie
5% (5) A woman throws a baseball bat to Jared who quickly cracks Cassie's skull, knocking her out. Jared wins
17% (17) A girl throws her toy helicopter up to the ring, with a remote control, Cassie beats Jared until he is semi conscious, then brings the girl up to the ring, Cassie opens Jared's trunk and puts the helicopter in, then asks the girl to switch on the controller to max, Jared's entire package is then grinded by the propellers, he is too weak to scream but starts bleeding between his legs. Cassie examines the damaged groin. It is covered in many small but deep cuts. Jared fails to get up after 10 seconds and loses to Cassie

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64% (61) Cassie grabs Jared's damaged manhood and arousing him. Jared blows his load and Cassie climbs the top turnbuckle, looking at the helpless Jared in the ring. Cassie then jumps from the turnbuckle, drilling her feet into Jared's exposed crotch, totally ruining him and knocking him out
35% (34) Cassie grabs Jared's groin and twists, she twists and twists until Jared faints but continue twisting, then she pulls and felt something come loose, whether it's the wiener or the balls, she doesn't know, but Jared won't be having babies anymore since he's such a sissy

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Did you like this poll?

27% (26) No
72% (70) Yes

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This poll was created on 2016-05-02 01:46:51 by Ballfornike
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