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Boys wearing shorts

I wear shorts all year round, even in freezing winter cos my parents never allowed me long trousers. I am 16 now. I'd like to know what people think about boys wearing shorts.
Do you know any boys who wear shorts all year?
No, none.
Yes, one boy
Yes, several boys
What do you think of boys who wear shorts year round (meaning also in freezing weather)?
I find it cool
I find it weird
I don't care
I feel sorry for them
Do you like to see boys in shorts?
Yes, I think their bare legs are nice
Yes, but only if they have nice legs
No, I like better boys in long trousers.
Why do you like or don't like to see boys in shorts?
What is the best length of shorts for boys?
Almost down to ankles (like capris)
Just under the knees
Just above knees
Just under the bottom
No shorts at all
If you like to see boys in shorts, do you mind if their legs are hairy?
Yes, I like if they have hairy legs
I like if they have hairless legs
I don't mind
If you knew any boy who wore shorts in winter, do you know why he did? Did you ever talk about it with him?
This poll was created on 2016-04-28 15:13:51 by erik2000erik200