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Infant Teachers and Poopy Diapers

This poll is for infant teachers and infant caregivers in a daycare, or infant room setting, that change poopy diapers as part of their job duties throughout the day. The focus of the poll is on babies age 6 to 12 months of age, who are on solid food and or formula. Just how much pooping is going on in the average infant room or daycare? And what is it like for the teachers and caregivers who change poopy diapers all day long? This poll seeks to answer some of these questions.

In your Infant Room or Daycare, how many poopy diapers do you change yourself throughout the course of your day?

0% (0) 1 or 2 poopy diapers if I'm lucky. ;)
21% (7) 3 to 4 dirty diapers is average for me.
27% (9) 5 to 6 steamers is what I change every day.
24% (8) 7 to 9 freshly pooped diapers is my workday.
27% (9) 10 or more dirty diapers? Yep, my infant room stinks!

33 voters have answered this question.

In your Daycare or Infant Room, babies will often loudly pass gas (toot) throughout the day. Do you check their pants for poop when this happens?

9% (3) No, I just assume it's gas and move on.
43% (14) Oh yes! I check the pants when I hear tooting sounds.
46% (15) Sometimes. If I suspect she's pooping and not just tooting, then I'll check.

32 voters have answered this question.

How do you check for a poopy diaper? Are you a peeker or a sniffer? Do you like to pull back the pants for a peek inside the diaper? Or do you like to just sniff the baby's bottom to see if they have pooped?

21% (7) Yep, I'm a peeker! I pull back the pants for a peek inside the diaper.
3% (1) Butt sniffer here. I put my nose in the seat of the pants for a good whiff.
18% (6) I like to feel the bottom. Gently squeezing and feeling for fullness.
57% (19) All of the above. I feel, I sniff, I pull back the pants and peek inside.

33 voters have answered this question.

On an average day in your Infant Room or Daycare, when does most of the pooping take place? Morning, Mid-Day, or Afternoon?

6% (2) Definitely mornings. 6 to 10 AM really stinks at our daycare!
59% (19) It's Mid-Mornings for us. From 10 to 2 PM, there's lot's of pooping the pants.
34% (11) Late Afternoon, 2 to 6 PM, that's when our babies start filling their britches.

32 voters have answered this question.

You and another teacher see an infant pause for a moment, turn red in the face and start loudly filling his pants in the infant room. What is your reaction to this? And that of the other teacher?

63% (21) We have no reaction. It's just another day in daycare.
36% (12) We laugh, we giggle, we smile. My co-worker and I talk about the smell, the tooting sounds, the grunting sounds, the baby's red face, how often the baby poops, etc.

33 voters have answered this question.

Which words or phrases do you, and the other teachers, use most often when it comes to poopy diapers or infants in the act of pooping?

6% (2) I usually say "filling the britches" or "filling the pants."
36% (12) I'll say, "pooped the pants" or "pooped the britches".
30% (10) We like to say, "Messed the pants" or "Dirtied the pants".
9% (3) I've used funny names like, "steamers" and "busy britches."
18% (6) All of the above. I have used every word for poop working in daycare.

33 voters have answered this question.

Which happens more often in your daycare or infant room: You smell the odor of poop wafting up from a baby's bottom? Or you see an infant suddenly pause and turn red in the face as they fill their diapers?

33% (11) I smell it more often then I see the dirty deed being done.
18% (6) We always see their faces turn red before we smell something.
48% (16) It's about 50/50 in our daycare. Sometimes I see the red face. Sometimes I smell the odor after they've pooped their pants.

33 voters have answered this question.

You and your co-worker have 8 infants one morning, Nathen, a 9 month-old, just pooped his pants: the 4th baby that morning with a poopy diaper. Who changes him? You? Or your coworker?

36% (12) We have a strict poopy diaper rotation. Whoever is "up" next; changes it.
33% (11) It would be me. I change all of the poopy diapers in our infant room.
30% (10) We have a rule: Whoever smells the poopy diaper first, HAS to change it.

33 voters have answered this question.

You are changing a very poopy, very stinky diaper. You playfully wrinkle-up your nose, or playfully fan your face, and say things like, "Shooo-wee!" Or, "Phew! Somebody stinks!" Or, "Pee-yew!" Is this common in the Infant Room?

6% (2) No, we are not allowed to comment on the odor.
54% (18) Sometimes we make playful comments about the smell, especially when it stinks.
27% (9) Oh Yes! I always say things like, "Shoooo!" and "Pee-yew!"
12% (4) In EVERY daycare center I've worked in, we all say things like that when we smell a poopy diaper. We all talk about the stinky smell.

33 voters have answered this question.

Do the moms usually smell poop when they walk into the Infant Room to pick up their babies in the evening? Do they ever say anything about it?

80% (25) It's normal to smell poop that time of day. No one ever complains about it.
19% (6) I've had a few moms mention the poop smell that is always there.
0% (0) Everyone say's it smells like a stockyard in our infant room!

31 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2016-03-20 15:48:43 by Hannah Shumway
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