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girlfriend want me to wear her uniform

Both me and my girlfriend go to private highschools that require us to wear uniforms. We go to two different schools. Hers and my schools are complimentary schools so we do stuff together every once and a while. Our schools are going to have an event/assembly together in preparation for spring break. We are both on the speech/debate team. It was getting competitive and the boys bet the girls they could not come up with a better argument on school uniforms. If the boys lost they had to wear the girls dress uniform to the next get together and if the girls lost they had to wear the dress uniform to the next get together and for the whole week. From what us boys could tell that was pretty uncomfrontbale for the girls to have to wear there dress uniform. The boys lost the debate and now have to wear the girls dress uniform to the upcoming assembly. We didn't know exactly what we were getting into until they gave us our bags yesterday. Inside the bags were a blue jumper dress,a pinafore white long sleeve shirt,nylon nude pantyhose,and ballet flats. The girls said the only way the principal would allow this to happen is if the we wore a pair of blue underwear but like the rules say they can not be visible.
Should us boys continue through with bet
What should we wear under the jumper
Does this dress uniform seem correct or do you think there pulling our leg
If the girls were to have lost do you think there punishment would have been fair (had to wear the dress uniform for a week)
Has this ever happened to you/someone you know? What was the experience? What did you wear? How did you feel?
This poll was created on 2016-02-26 22:37:31 by bluebird32