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Pro Ana Lifestyle

This poll is for Ana's princess so if you don't like our lifestyle don't comment or try to change us. This is just to know about the normal daily life of a real Ana.
This poll is for anorexic girls (or boys), but ¿How often do you throw up (or use Mia) after eating?
Once a month
Once a week
2 or 3 times a week
¿How many meals do you usually have?
5 meals a day
3 meals a day
1 meal a day
1 meal a week
What is the longest time that you have ever gone without food?
6 hours
12 hours
24 hours
48 hours
3 days
1 week
2 weeks
1 month
Imagine that you are in your bedroom after doing a lot of exercise and you are so tired that you fall asleep. You wake up and before you can get your head to turn to check your clock the bed begins to shake and your stomach releases and earth-shattering roar. It's 5 in the afternoon you haven't eaten in almost 24 hours!! And your belly isn't getting any quieter. What do yo do?
I go as fast as I can to eat someting, I'm starving!!!
I want to eat someting but the bed is very comfortable, so I rub my tummy and drink some water after eating a granola bar.
I'll keep sleeping, I'm so tired!!
Are you kidding? This is perfect! It is like a stomach massage. You just lie back and enjoy the nice feeling (it feels great when you put your hand on your pulsating stomach)
What tipe of diet do you prefer?
Apple Diet
Soup Diet
ABC Diet
Juice Diet
What is your Body Mass Index? (BMI Calculator: http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/)
30 or more
15 or under
Why do you want to loose weight?
Because I'm fat
Because the doctor told me
Because I want to be beautiful
To reach a goal weight
Because I want my boyfriend to find me more attractive
Beacause I feel bad about myself (guilt, sad...)
In a scale from 1 to 10 how much do you hate (1) or love (10) feeling hungry?
How often do you feel hungry?
Before I eat, but I think it isn't real hunger.
In the morning
In the afternoon
At early-night
At night
All the time
What happens when you are really hungry?
My stomach growls very loud
I feel dizzy and a bit weak
I feel very week, nearly to faint
My head hurts
I feel that I have control
I start thinking about binge
Which of these would you like to have?
Thigh Gap
Flat Stomach
Concave Stomach
Ribs showing a little
Ribs sticking out
Collar Bones
Imagine that you live in your house and you are in a 10 day fasting. You are in the 3rd day (the hardest) but that day your mom brings you a lot of cooked food. You that each plate of all those foods has more than 600 calories!! And you can't eat a single of them. So your mum goes and you turn back and watch TV but the smell of the food is to strong and you can't stop smelling it while your stomach growls every time. You are so hungry. What would you do?
I stand up and grab some food but just a little. I can try a 10 day fasting next week.
The smell is really good and my stomach is hurting a bit so I chew some food and split it up on the bin until It stops growling.
I go to the kitchen and I put it on a place where I can't catch it just until I finished my fast. My stomach growls in protest but I like it like that.
I catch a glass of cold water and drink it ignoring the smell of the food. The water will calm my belly and will give some energy to do a bit of cardio.
I put my hand and I enjoy the feeling of an empty stomach vibrating because of the growls. I love them and feeling so hungry makes me happy and relax.
This poll was created on 2016-02-16 14:24:48 by Mery2000