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College club president serve as our lowly "intern"? (Lost bet punishment)

Hi. This is Alex sitting in our club office with Natalie and Angela standing over my shoulder. We are college students. My fellow club officers appreciate everyone who has voted in our two prior polls. Thanks to you I am spending the better part of two work weeks cleaning or serving around campus as a maid or bunny. I hope this is the last poll of the school year for my sake. I am president of our college organization and made a number of stupid bets last year before school ended which are now backfiring on me. In the last poll, which dealt with how I would help the club fundraise, one question decided I needed to do something to thank the fundraising committee for helping me raise money. They staffed a dunk tank, scheduled my on-going cleaning appointments, and set up and pied me at a recent basketball game. They have put in about 25 hours of work amongst the committee. This poll deals with how I will thank the committee. Natalie (Club Treasurer and Fundraising Committee Chair) and Angela (Committee Vice Chair) are proposing that I be the Committee's "Intern" the day of their last meeting for the current year, which is on a Friday in March. The poll results have been very much not in my favor, I have been humiliated a few times this year, but am asking for some pity for this poll!
No. 1. Should I have to be a Fundraising Committee Intern or can I do something else to thank the committee? For some historical context, our club executive board and committees have not had interns in nearly thirty years. When we did, the executive board and committee heads were almost all males, and the interns were almost all (first-year) females. What should I do?
Yes, you are going to be the Committee Intern. You are not getting out of this.
My idea: write thank you notes to each of the committee members instead. (End of Poll)
Good idea Alex! You will write thank you notes to each of the committee members, but you will do that while still serving as the Committee Intern. (Preferred choice of Natalie and Angela).
No. 2. The rest of the questions only apply if the majority above vote I should have to be the Committee Intern. First, what should my intern day look like and how long exactly do I need to be an intern? Pick one.
Just the meeting. 1-230pm.
The entire work day (800-530) including the meeting, working in the club office on committee tasks.
The entire work day (800-530) including the meeting, plus any special events by assignment of the committee Chair or Vice Chair, up to 25 hours of work extending to Friday evening or Saturday as necessary (Natalie assures me she will find enough work to keep me busy for 25 hours if this looks like the leading choice. There is a committee special event that night.).
No. 3. Next, what interns tasks should I be responsible for while working in the office? Select all that should apply.
Getting coffee orders and picking up coffee for committee members (this involves leaving the office)
Getting lunch orders and picking up lunch for committee members during lunch meetings (this involves leaving the office)
Greeting committee members who come to the office for meetings or office hours, including take coats, offering coffee, etc.
Taking minutes during committee meetings and sending minutes to committee members electronically
Taking dictation and drafting correspondence for committee members
Photocopying, filing, faxing
Member interface for any members who come by the office during the day. Three officers (Natalie, Angela and Volunteer Director Kyle) have office hours that day and are on the fundraising committee
Other tasks/events by assignment from Committee Chair or Committee Vice Chair
No. 4. Intern Conduct. Natalie believes these should go without saying since the intern is the lowest member in the organization and I have experience being in subservient roles this year. Still, please confirm which of these I need to follow. Select all that apply.
A club member is always right. They are the customer. They may stop by the club office or e-mail during your shift.
A committee member and club officer is always right. They are your superiors.
The Committee Chair and Vice Chair are always right. They are you boss. Basically, the intern is always wrong.
Be punctual and always presentable.
Address your superiors and boss with respect. Stand up for and greet them the first time you see them for the day and only address them with respect.
Thank your boss and superiors for any assistance they provide you, including any constructive feedback.
Seek out work from superiors when you have availability. Do not be idle.
OK. Natalie and Angela are holding a half-faded forty-year old piece of paper they found in our club offices this week on our club letterhead titled "Intern Policies" with categories "Dress Code", "Demerits" and "Discipline". I have been asked to retype the contents of the Intern Policies here for background on the answers to the next questions, which I am now dreading. On Dress Code it reads: "All Interns will wear a form fitting blouse or sweater, a form-fitting skirt (pencil skirt, for example) no longer than her knee, and high heels of at least one inch. She may wear tights in winter. It is recommended her hair is shoulder length, and she wear make-up and jewelry to be presentable to club officers and committee members. Ladies undergarments should be chosen to minimize the possibility one can see them through the outer layers (consider lines and colors). In addition, she may require a coat, purse and other seasonal wear such as a scarf or gloves depending upon the weather. All garments should be presentable and match with the wardrobe. Dress Code for special events will be dictated by appropriate Committee Chair". On "Demerits", it reads, "Interns will be penalized with demerits if she performs any of the following violations. Negative points for each violation follow in (). Dress code violation (1), Lack of respect to superior (1), Typo or secretarial error (2), Mistake on non-office function like lunch or coffee order (3), Tardiness to work or meeting (3), Mistake on office function such as poor dictation (5), Second time mistake of prior violations are equal to 2x points, Third time mistakes and subsequent of prior violations are equal to 3x points (hopefully not needed!). For the committee which the intern is assigned, any committee member (or executive officer) may issue her demerits." On "Discipline", it reads, "At any time but no later than after every eight office hours, the intern should present to the committee a summary of her Demerits and how she proposes to be Disciplined to settle them with positive points. Positive points can be earned with the following Discipline options. Paddling (1 point per 10 paddles, up to 10 points). Public Chalkboard Writing (1 point per 20 lines up to 10 points), One hour of intern overtime (5), Public Dunce Cap & Blindfold for 20 minutes (5), End of Shift Dunking at Campus Pool while Fully Dressed (10)." Amazingly, there is an intern signature, "Rebecca (illegible last name)", at the end of the page accepting the Intern Policies. With a laugh, Angela tells me I am about to pay for my gender's past sins and sexist behavior. The next four questions are all about the above Intern Policies, but Natalie promises she will modernize them. I hope that means a Dress Code that considers male interns.
No. 5. Dress Code. What dress code should I have to follow while serving as Intern in the office? Choose one. (I hope you show pity and pick option 1 or 2. Natalie and Angela want to add they do not see why you should not pick option three or four. They cite that I am an Intern after all and should have to follow the policies our club has put in place prior).
My regular campus clothes: jeans, sweatshirt, etc. I can still show respect and do good work as an intern in these clothes.
Formal clothes: business suit or at least jacket, tie, dress pants. I can be more presentable and wear business clothes.
Original Dress Code per above: blouse/sweater, skirt, heels, etc.
Modernized Dress Code per Natalie. Modernize the above dress code to adjust to for shortening hemlines in female fashion. Inches removed from skirt will be added to heel height. Intern Policy Dress Code now reads: "..a form-fitting (e.g. pencil) skirt no longer than two inches above her knee, and high heels of at least three inches in height.." She says she will have a tape measure (smh).
No. 6. Demerits. Should the Demerits policy apply to me when I am serving as Intern? Choose one.
Yes. Original Demerit Policy should apply.
Yes, but Modernized Demerit Policy. Natalie proposes that all Demerit violations should carry 1.5x the number of negative points because of inflation since the Intern Policies she found were first written. This means 1.5 points for dress code violation, 4.5 points on tardiness, etc.
No. You will already be humiliated enough with everything else already asked in this poll.
No. 7. Discipline. If you say the Demerits policy should apply to me, should I also have to follow the Discipline policy? Choose one.
Yes. Discipline helps minimize the Demerits. Also, prior interns surely were subject to the discipline policy.
No. Just mark the demerit points above for fun.
No. 8. Another question from the Intern Policies. Angela thinks I should go by "Rebecca" when serving as an intern to further my embarrassment and since this is the name on the Intern Policies of the last known 'intern' at the club. Choose one.
Yes, but modernize it like policies above to just go by "Becca".
No, this is stupid.
No. 9. One final question from the Intern Policies. As the poll gets concluded and if I am voted to do an intern service, Angela and Natalie propose they redraft the Intern Policies according to the poll. They think I should sign it as the Intern and they should sign it a Chair/Co-Chair and supervisors. Choose one.
No, this is silly and excessive.
Yes, this is a good idea to make your policies formal prior to the day.
Yes, plus a copy should be sent to any committee member or club executive officer who will be in the office that day so that they are aware of your policies. Any of them can issue you demerits so they should be informed of potential violations.
No. 10. It has been noted by our Activities Director Ashley that on the two other polls, there has not been follow-up after the poll opens and the event happens. She proposes that I should have to write a report after my day as an Intern and post it in the messages section saying how it went compared to the poll. As if the event itself is not embarrassing enough, I am now being asked to write about it. Is this fair and do I have to write about it? Choose one.
Fair and yes (writing).
Fair? Who cares. You are writing about it anyway.
No, you do not have to write a report.
No. 11. I have already spent one hour putting this poll together in the office. If the third option is chosen in No. 2 above (where I have to work until I have worked 25 hours), can I count this hour toward my intern service? Choose one.
No, it is not decided yet if you will be an intern so this does not count.
Yes, but Natalie and Angela have been there with you for the hour, meaning that the committee has now spent 27 hours helping you per the intro. Their hours count too. This means you have 26 hours left to work if option three is chosen in No. 2.
No. 12. In the intro I ask you to take pity on me in this poll. Have you? Choose one.
Yes. My voting was fairly favorable for you.
No. I think Natalie, Angela and the committee will prefer my choices.
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