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Should School Have A Required Creativity Class?

The creative are innovators; they make things that don’t exist come to life. They see what Average Joe can’t. They create ideas from nothing. The end product isn’t always the same. It can be anything from a physical thing to a philosophic idea. These people will make the future, with only one foreseeable problem, there dying out. According to “The Creativity Crisis” By Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman creative children have been lacking in numbers as the years pass.These skills can’t always be thought but we can encourage the growth of a creative mind through classes mandatory in elementary and an optional classes as you go into high school.

Should Schools Have Mandatory and/or Optional Creativity Classes?

50% (2) Yes- Mandatory Elementary Class/Classes and High School Class/Classes
25% (1) No-Creativity Encouraging Classes Should NOT Be Implemented
25% (1) Yes- Mandatory Elementary Class/Classes, Optional High School Class/Classes
0% (0) Yes- Optional High School Class/Classes ONLY
0% (0) Yes- Mandatory High School Class/Classes ONLY
0% (0) Yes- Mandatory Elemetary School Class/Classes ONLY
0% (0) Yes- Optional Ementary School Class/Classes ONLY

4 voters have answered this question.

Why Did You Choose the Answer You Did Above?

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1 voters have answered this question.

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