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Violence in Media

Violence in media is extremely prevalent today, as entertainment it's been apart of cultures for almost all of human existence in many ways. More and more, this violence has been directed towards Women. This pole is a survey about people's opinions on violence in media and whether rules about how violence is portrayed towards Women should be changed.
Are you Female or male
Are you Female or male?
If you play video games (shooters, action, rpg, etc) what type of enemies do you prefer?
Aliens (mixed gender features)
Aliens (male features) - if so, why?
Munsters (mutants etc.) [mixed gender features]
Monsters (mutants etc.) [male features] - if so, why?
Human enemies (mixed gender)
Human enemies (male only) - if so, why?
Many crime shows focus on cases or scenarios where Women are the primary targets of sexualized crimes and murder. Should these shows receive more "mature" ratings as to deter children and impressionable youths from seeing these shows?
Yes, definitely.
Yes, but it's a parents choice to show their children these programs.
No, children should be allowed to watch whatever they want.
Should there be restrictions put in place to limit the amount of violent content directed towards Females in television programs?
Yes, it should be limited to an absolutely minimum, as to not hinder creative freedom.
Yes, it should be set to a minimum and networks pay a premium to offer more violent content.
Programs containing violence directed at Women should be banned from basic programming.
No, television networks should have the freedom to create as much violent content directed towards Women as they want.
Should films that feature violence directed towards Women be given an immediate "R" rating?
Yes, that would be a good way to filter "safe" content
Yes, but this rating should reflect that standard towards violence towards men as well.
No, that seems too severe. If so, why?
In a situation of peril (in a film or tv program), a man and Woman are in danger and only one can be saved. Who would you be more worried for?
The Woman, and I hope She'll be saved. If so, why?
The man, and I hope he'll be saved. If so, why?
Neither, because I like tragedy.
In a crime drama, a man convinves his Girlfriend to be his partner in a bank robbery, the operation goes awry and the gang suffers loses as well as the police. The man and his Girlfriend go to trial. Who is more guilty?
The man, he was the brain of the operation and should be held responsible for the deaths of his men and the policemen who were harmed in the attack. As well as manipulating and taking advantage of his significant other.
The Girlfriend is just as guilty as the man, She knew what they were getting into.
What type of villain is more evil?
A villain who targets Women
A villain who targets men
Would you rather a villains "henchmen" be exclusively:
male. If so, why?
mixed gender
*SPOILER ALERT* Was Zara's death in Jurassic World too extreme?
Yes, I was shocked (or disturbed) when they killed a Woman in the film.
Yes, it was very unsettling, however it was nice to see not only men suffer in these films.
No, it was a very exciting and scary scene.
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