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Canadian Military Procurment

With Canada's newly elected Government it is now more likely than ever we will not be buying the over priced over rated F-35 Instead will like replace our F-18s with something else and putting the savings into rebuilding are Navy too as our Frigates are also aging our Supply Ships Have been decommissioned

What War Plane should Canada replace our aging F-18s Hornets with (we need a twin engine due to our large size and need to patrol the Artic)

42% (3) F-18 Super Hornets
14% (1) Dassaulf Rafale
42% (3) Euro-Fighter Typhoon

7 voters have answered this question.

Where should Canada eventually have warships built to replace our Frigates

14% (1) at the Irving Shipyard in New Brunswick
0% (0) by Seaspan in British Columbia
85% (6) half built in NB half built in BC

7 voters have answered this question.

what stop gap measures should Canada's new government take for Supply Ships until our multi-purpose Capital Ships are Ready?

66% (4) lease a pair o f supply ships from another Country if they are will like if the USA or Russia has supply ships not in use
50% (3) refit and arm some civilian oil tankers

6 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2015-11-27 03:52:47 by MrCanuck
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