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Mixed Tag Team, round 2

I am a guy, 29 years old, about 5'11", 190 pounds and athletic.
My girlfriend is 24, 5'5", 110 pounds, and thin.
Based on these stats, chose a winner for the following matches.

Each match is multiple falls. Choose and fill in some further details of the matches.

My gf and I recently defeated Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice (based on the best story. Poll is still open and there is room for a rematch). After humiliating them so badly, we were eager to attempt a new, more challenging match.

This is one of two matches we decided to set up. In this match, we will be facing three girls. The match rules remain the same. The wrestling mat looks like this. Only one person per team is allowed in the center, and the partner has to stay in the pink.
Double (or triple) teaming is allowed and encouraged in the pink zone.
 photo wrestling_mat_zpsb7nwpq4x.jpg
Once again, for our team, we decided to have my gf start the match. Our opponents are Jenna Coleman (age 29, height 5'2" (157cm), weight 112 lbs (51 kg))
Karen Gillan (age 27, height 5'10" (178cm), weight 126 lbs (57kg))
Sophie Turner (age 19, height 5'9", (175 cm) weight 125 lbs (57 kg)
Who starts the match for their team?
 photo 1fa2d18d-ffe3-4e30-a573-7100b066fbca_zps4vijojmn.jpg  photo d711dedd-8f07-40e3-b753-ed736cae9e06_zpsqrltrv2z.jpg  photo f7a8f6f9-cc2b-4c08-a2f1-035866ae67f0_zpslxujdk64.jpg
At the start of the match, is either team taking the lead?
The match is even and competitive at first
The team of my girlfriend and I are coming out ahead
The team of Jenna, Karen, and Sophie are starting to win
Since it worked so well last time, my girlfriend is trying to start off by dominating her opponent. How is she doing in there?
She was losing and already tagged out to me
She got trapped in the other team's zone. She is getting destroyed and I can't do anything to help her.
She got her opponent into our corner. My girlfriend and I are dominating the girl.
My girlfriend is winning one on one
My girlfriend is getting beaten one on one
I get in the match, who am I facing?
How did I get in?
My gf tagged me in. She was getting beaten and desperately reaching for a tag.
My gf tagged me in. She was winning and wants to give me a turn
My gf submitted and the girls released her. She is out of the match for a while
We are taking turns dominating the girl in our zone
Here are some of my main moves. Which ones did I get to apply on my opponent?
Bear hug
Full body press
Full nelson
Reverse bear hug
Schoolboy pin
Grapevine pin
As the match goes on, what are the attitudes of Jenna, Karen and Sopie like?
They are loving humiliating their opponents.
They are worn down from being so dominated.
They are getting very flirty
They are laughing and giggling most of the time
They are getting frustrated while watching their teammate go down
If I end up on their side, how did it happen?
I was dominating one of them, and I wanted to get them all at the same time
I underestimated my opponent's strength
She flirted with me and it caught me off guard
They cheated, crossed the line and pulled me in
They teased me and dared me
I couldn't resist the other girls
What happens when I am in their zone?
They turn the tables, and are able to take me down
They continue dominating me
They pin me down for a long time and earn many points
They get me in a few submissions, earning many points
I continue to dominate them all at the same time
They take me down and flirt and tease like crazy to piss off my girlfriend and humiliate me
What are some moves Jenna performed?
 photo 76f0ad02-a35d-45ec-8b17-968ac9ba00e5_zps7neapapg.jpg
Move 1:
Move 2:
Move 3:
Move 4:
Move 5:
What are some moves Karen performed?  photo e925a8d0-3dd0-4fcc-9cd6-0afb59d7c4e0_zpsjedei3pe.jpg
Move 1
Move 2
Move 3
Move 4
Move 5
What are some moves Sophie performed?  photo 1586726a-272e-4412-bc4d-995025fccb76_zpsusdup4po.jpg
Move 1
Move 2
Move 3
Move 4
Move 5
Do they perform any double or triple team moves, pins or submissions? If yes, describe
Yes, 1.
Yes, 2.
Yes, 3.
Yes, 4.
Yes, 5.
How many times did each person get submitted during the match?
My gf
Any match details to add?
Who were the overall winners?
My gf and me
Jenna, Karen, and Sophie
How long did the match last?
15 minutes
30 minutes
1 hour
2 hours
How did the winners celebrate?
Who are some other girls you would like to see my gf and I wrestle?
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