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Girls: Cheating

Questions about if you would cheat.
Male (this poll does not apply)
Describe your looks.
What is your relationship status?
Single (Answer this poll as if you had a boyfriend.)
I have a boyfriend
Have you ever thought about cheating on your guy?
Yes, I want to cheat.
I have thought about it but I don't know if I would.
No, I wouldn't do that.
If you cheated, would you let him know or keep it a secret?
The whole point would be for him to find out about it.
I would tell him.
I haven't decided.
I would keep it a secret.
If you found out he cheated, what would be his reaction?
He would be angry.
He would be jealous.
He would think he's not good enough.
He would think its hot that I did that.
I would not care.
What reason would you cheat on him?
I want to make him jealous.
For revenge because he cheated on me.
I want revenge for something else he did.
I want to have fun with another guy.
I want to experience a guy who is better.
No real reason, I do this stuff all the time.
I don't like him and I don't care.
What's your own reason for wanting to cheat?
I am a young attractive guy who girls have fun with. Would you use me as a cheating partner?
Yes, and I'll use you to cheat with multiple times.
Yes, but only one time.
No, I wouldn't.
What would we do together to cheat on him?
Hold hands
Other things.
What do you have in mind? What would we do together in order for you to cheat?
Would you take a selfie of us as proof and send it to him?
No, I would keep it a secret.
No, because I just wouldn't want to.
Yes, and our pose would be . . .
What would we have to do together to make him the most jealous?
Rate this poll.
I didn't like it
I liked it
It was too long
It was too short
I loved it!
I don't like doing the "write my own answer" questions.
This poll was created on 2015-11-19 08:24:46 by Nightro