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University Club - (President) Alex has to fundraise after losing wager

Thanks to everyone who voted in our last poll [http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/605291]. This is Ashley again and our Treasurer Natalie. We had a great night in August, although I am not sure Alex did ; ). One of the best parts of the party was when we made Alex (our club President), in front of the entire club, come clean about his other wagers with various fellow officers. To recap, we are officers of a society at our university and Alex made various friendly bets to motivate different officers throughout the year. I don’t think he expected this to go so unfavorably for him! Well Alex just lost another wager, this time with Natalie around her club fundraising goals for the year. Alex and Natalie made a two-sided wager: if Natalie and her six-person fundraising committee came short of their fund raising goal ($5,000) by the end of October, they could be used as Alex saw fit to raise the rest of the money. Conversely, if Natalie and committee exceeded the target Alex, under Natalie’s direction, would have to raise an equal amount of money by himself. The average fund raise the last five years was less than $4,000 and the high (last year) was just $4,500. Alex thought there was no way he would lose. By mid-October, seven weeks into the school year, Natalie and committee had raised over $6,300! Alex has tried to raise additional corporate donations for the last two-plus weeks with no luck. He’s raised $0 dollars, partly because Natalie worked so hard at tapping every potential corporate donor in the area. The entire club is aware of the bet and Natalie wants to start ratcheting up the pressure on Alex, with some practical ways he can raise the money. At the last meeting this week she suggested, 'You were popular serving our members in August. Maybe we can make you a professional and rent you out!?', which was met with hoots of acceptance from the club members. One of Natalie’s committee members (Vice Chair, Angela) pointed out that our school’s fraternities and sororities have their winter formals in January & February, and maybe they need a server as well! There were a couple other winter events in need of a willing volunteer that could also allow for Alex to embarrass himself for money (New Year carnival). Alex hid his face in his hands at this point, knowing the board and membership had decided how he was going to raise $1,300. This time the board suggested we put a poll up here (instead of Alex after the results worked against him last time!). Sorry that this is a much longer poll given the multiple events.
Is it fair that Natalie and the club already dictate to Alex how he raise the money for the club?
No it is not. Give Alex a few more weeks.
Yes. The terms were "under Natalie’s direction”, which ultimately means it is up to her how he raises the money. He is lucky he's been given a few weeks to try something else.
Natalie and Angela have brainstormed a few ways for Alex to make money for the club, that they have recommended to the board. They will schedule and sell Alex’s time (but around his academic schedule) for the following based on demand. Which should he have to be considered for (he will do all that get more than 50%):
Clean offices or homes of other university clubs
Serve at winter formals for sororities or fraternities
Be the club’s dunk tank ‘bitch’ at the New Year carnival (get dunked all night)
Make himself available for other tasks, humiliating or otherwise, for money
Cleaning. There are a few club members that belong to different sororities and fraternities. Three of them (two sororities and one frat) think that they have enough budget to justify paying $200 for a day of Alex coming over to clean, however they said we would need to make it 'interesting enough' (through real work done and/or entertainment value) so they can sell it to their own club. They asked us to offer the best terms at what the $200 would buy. What cleaning terms should we offer each?
8 hours of cleaning, pre-agreed list of cleaning chores
11 hours of cleaning, pre-agreed list of cleaning chores
14 hours of cleaning (7a-9p), pre-agreed list of cleaning chores
8 hours of cleaning, list of baseline cleaning chores (per above), plus Alex has to clean anything demanded on spot within safety reason (no roof, etc.)
11 hours of cleaning, list of baseline cleaning chores, plus Alex has to clean anything demanded on spot within safety reason
14 hours of cleaning, list of baseline cleaning chores, plus Alex has to clean anything demanded on spot within safety reason
8 hours of cleaning, list of baseline cleaning chores, plus Alex has to clean anything demanded on spot within safety reason, plus he has to clean in a French maid costume (the entire embarrassing costume from August party in this case and below)
11 hours of cleaning, list of baseline cleaning chores, plus Alex has to clean anything demanded on spot within safety reason, plus clean in French maid costume
14 hours of cleaning, list of baseline cleaning chores, plus Alex has to clean anything demanded on spot within safety reason, plus clean in French maid costume
If the answer above requires Alex to clean in the French maid costume, Alex has asked if the shoes with the uniform can be swapped out to something more functional: 4 inch heels from August for flats, since he will be doing cleaning all day. What do you think?
Yes, that seems fair.
No. His discomfort and embarrassment is part of the point. We are raising money for the club, not trying to make him comfortable. If the shoes hurt too much he can clean for a part of the time on his knees or hand and knees. He will probably get plenty of time to do that scrubbing around toilets.
After spending potentially 42 hours cleaning sorority and frat houses on campus, Alex should have raised about $600 if all goes to plan. That leaves him about $700 short. Should we let him stop here?
Yes. He is well short of the target, but has already worked hard to raise $600.
No, did Alex write this question? Natalie and her committee (combined) put in more than 42 hours in one week. He is still $700 short and the agreement is that he would match what Natalie and the committee raised. Keep working.
If the answer above is majority No: Winter Formal Server. Angela mentioned the number of winter formals over January and February. Both sororities hiring Alex to clean said they would pay about $125 for Alex to be a 'server' at their formals. Similar to the cleaning, they said, however, we need to make it interesting and entertaining enough for them to justify spending the money. We thought we should offer that Alex will pretty much repeat his service from August for our party. To recap, when Alex was our server he was our total slave for the night: getting everyone drinks and snacks, not partaking (drinking/eating) in the party himself, tidying spills, and dressed in an embarrassing costume. The sororities said they would pay about $125 each for 6-7 hours of work. What should we feature as tasks which Alex can do during his service? Choose as many as you'd like. We will include all that get at least 50% in our proposal!
Take and deliver orders for food & drink.
Tidy cleans and spills throughout the night.
Assist in the set-up and clean-up of the event.
Welcome guests and take coats for checking.
Decorum: he will address all guests respectfully (Sir, Ma'am, Mr., Ms., etc.), not partake in drinking, and not engage in conversation with guests unless asked.
Dress: he will be dressed appropriately to play the part of server (see next question).
Entertainment: he will offer a 20-25 minutes of songs (a karaoke concert!) during formal from artist of choosing (see two questions down).
Winter Formal Server dress (if majority selected in question above). What new costume should Alex have to wear? It should be suggestive that he is a server.
German Beer Girl
Cocktail waitress
Playboy Bunny
Entertainment (if the majority selected in two questions above). Which of these artists will Alex have to sing a few songs of?
Justin Bieber
Selena Gomez
Bruno Mars
Katy Perry
Taylor Swift
The costs for Alex to be a server above will come out of the $250 he makes on the winter formals. So Alex will have raised a little less than $800 at this point after working up to 56 hours for the club. Should we let him stop here?
No. Not sure why the question is being asked? He is still short of the money. Plus the work is being done over multiple weeks so no one should feel that bad for Alex.
Assuming the majority above is no, the next event we think Alex can make money for us on is being in the dunk tank and pie toss stocks at the New Year carnival for our college. One of the first events of the new term, we have an annual carnival and our club typically signs up to run a dunk tank and pie toss for a few hours. We typically make $40-60 per hour. Typically we staff the dunk tank by asking for volunteers. After that, we split the remaining time evenly among club officers (so each officer ends up with 20-30 minutes). Considering Alex's predicament, we got extra time on the dunk tank and pie toss stocks, 2.5 hours on each this year. How should we staff the carnival and account for the money Alex has raised?
Same as last year, volunteers and 20-30 minutes per officer. Alex keeps the money only that he sits in the tank.
Give Alex a big break. He has to staff the entire event, will sit in the tank about 30 minutes, but gets all of the money raised on the five hours to count toward his contribution.
Alex can count all five hours of money raised, but he will be our dunk tank bitch. He will be in the pie toss locks in the afternoon for 2.5 hours and then in the dunk tank in the evening for 2.5 hours. The fundraising committee will staff the booth.
Last year as a club officer, Alex suggested the female officers should wear revealing or short clothing at the carnival, because more people would go to the dunk tank or pie toss if 'the person in the tank is in a sexy outfit'. Should we turn the tables on Alex and make him wear the winter formal server costume from a few questions prior? (Assuming you picked that he wear a costume and a revealing one).
No, too harsh.
Yes, we owe it to Alex to test his theory!
As we have worked on this poll the last couple days, we got a call from one of last year's club officers (Jenn) who since graduated and now works in marketing for an IT company. She has offered the club another $500 in corporate donation. It will increase Natalie's amount raised to $6,800 (more work for Alex) UNLESS Alex agrees to Jenn's condition of the donation. If Alex agrees to the conditions in advance, the donation can be split to count for Alex such that he has raised enough money to be released from the bet. Alex has agreed and has now raised the adequate money ($1,425 for Alex and $6,425 for Natalie), subject to fulfilling Jenn's conditions of getting the money. Jenn's Conditions: Last year Alex got to pie Jenn at center-court during half-time of one of our university basketball games. To make it more embarrassing for Jenn, she was dressed as a cheerleader from the rival team we were playing. Well Jenn has now instructed Alex that he will get similar treatment from Natalie and will be embarrassed at center court getting pied during half-time. There will be ten pies each worth $50 for the club. Natalie or a fundraising committee member will throw them at Alex from a few feet away. Assuming each hit Alex (it will be hard not to from three feet), the club gets $500. How and what else is done around the edges, Jenn said, is up to Natalie.
Natalie and Angela think Alex should have to work a little harder for the last few hundred dollars than three minutes of getting pied. We have come up with they next four questions, starting with whether Alex should also have to dress up like a rival (female) cheerleader when he is getting pied. Should he? (We have the uniform Jenn wore last year and she and Alex are about the same height!)
Yes. It was not one of one of Jenn's conditions, but we should make it like for like.
Yes, plus he should have pom-poms in hand while getting pied.
Yes, cheerleader uniform, pom-poms, and have to shave anywhere he is showing skin (legs, etc).
The fundraising committee and Natalie are going to be the ones slamming pies into Alex during half-time. How should Alex be positioned?
Sitting in a chair, hands tied behind back.
Kneeling, hands tied behind back.
Should the club and Alex stay for the entire game?
Yes, but Alex can change before and after half-time.
Yes, and Alex should remain dressed as the rival cheerleader.
Yes, Alex should remain dressed as the rival cheerleader, and he must do cheers for 'his' team (our rival).
(Depending upon the answers above) Since Alex is cheering for the other school, should he get punished a bit more if our college wins and his school loses? If so, how (select all that should apply):
No, he should not.
Yes, Alex will wear his shame and stay dressed as the rival cheerleader for three hours after the game.
Yes, we will go to a sports bar after the game and Alex will bring us our food & drink orders.
Yes, Alex will get paddled by the number of points by which his team lost.
Yes, if his team loses by more than 20 he has to do all of the above and clean all the peanut butter off of two cucumbers (with his mouth) from his knees, while still dressed as a cheerleader, at the sports bar.
Alex was supposed to raise this money himself. In reality, the fundraising committee and Natalie will have to do a lot to help Alex raise some of this money - like pieing him at the game, staffing the carnival while he gets dunked, and arranging his cleaning and server appointments. Should Alex have to do an event just for the fundraising committee after this is done to show his appreciation?
Yes, very good point. Determine what kind of event in separate poll.
No, he has already done enough.
Do you think we are being unfair or harsh to Alex?
Yes. This is a lot! Let's reconsider how much he has to raise.
No. He will have "worked" less than 70 hours over multiple weeks. That is about $20/hour he is bringing in. The committee has put in close to 1,000 hours this year. He is lucky we're not asking for more!
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