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Vote for mixed tag team match

I am a guy, 29 years old, about 5'11", 190 pounds and athletic.
My girlfriend is 24, 5'5", 110 pounds, and thin.
Based on these stats, chose a winner for the following matches.

Each match is multiple falls. Choose and fill in some further details of the matches.
The matches start from easiest to hardest (we think).
The wrestling mat looks like this. Only one person per team is allowed in the center, and the partner has to stay in the pink.
Double teaming is allowed and encouraged in the pink zone.
 photo wrestling_mat_zpsb7nwpq4x.jpg
(Easy) The first match is going to be 2 against 2. My girlfriend will start the match.
We will be wrestling the team of Ariana Grande (age 22, 5'0) and Victoria Justice (age 22, height 5'5).
 photo fef30492-8aae-4126-ae53-12c3f94a5c6e_zpsrmitz87i.jpg  photo bedbfcf7-51dd-4545-ae12-7a4668a519bd_zpsa64djhd5.jpg
Who starts the match for their team?
Ariana Grande
Victoria Justice
At the beginning of the match, does either team start to gain an advantage?
The match is even at first
The team of my girlfriend and I are winning
Victoria and Ariana are taking the lead
How is my girlfriend doing in there?
She has already tagged out to me
She trapped her opponent in our zone. We are double teaming
She is getting dominated and humiliated
She is trapped in the corner getting double teamed, and I can't do anything to help her
I get in, who am I facing?
How did I get in?
My gf tagged me in. She was desperately reaching for a tag.
My gf tagged me in. She was winning and wants to give me a turn
My gf gave up, she has had too much
We are taking turns dominating the girl in our zone
As the match goes on, what are the attitudes of Victoria and Ariana like?
They are loving humiliating their opponents.
They are worn down from being so dominated.
They are getting very flirty
They are laughing and giggling most of the time
They aren't giving up in a close match
If I end up on their side, how did it happen?
I was dominating one of them, and I wanted to get both at the same time
I underestimated my opponent's strength
She flirted with me and it caught me off guard
They cheated and I got dragged in
They teased me and dared me
What happens when I am in their zone?
They turn the tables, and are able to take me down
They continue dominating me
They earn many pins and submissions
I earn many pins and submissions
I continue to dominate them both at the same time
They take me down and flirt like crazy, teasing my gf who is stuck in the other zone
Who wins the match overall?
Me and my gf
Ariana and Victoria
Too close to call
Any other match details?
Who are some girls (or teams) you would like to see in future matches?
This poll was created on 2015-10-01 22:24:25 by gerpp