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What is the best game?

There have been many games made by Xbox or PlayStation etc., but what are your fave games , this poll lets you DECIDE !! HAVE A GO
Is Minecraft better then Terraria ?
Yes, I find it way cooler
No, Terraria is amazing , why would you play minecraft
Is skate 3 a good game ?
Yes, its good in mostly everyway.
No, the game is laggy, and the effects are poor
Are you a fan of the Lego Batman Games ?
Yes, Lego games are very fun, and I like the free roam.
No, I find Lego games bad , and babyish
Are you a fan of marvel games or Dc games ?
Marvel, its by far the best !
DC, its by far the best !
What Marvel game is the best?
The amazing spiderman
The amazing Spiderman 2
Captain America winter soldier
Spiderman 3
The Incredible Hulk
Thor the videogame
wolverine origins
Fantastic four rise of the silver surfer
Deadpool the videogame
Spiderman web of shadows
Spiderman shattered dimensions
Spiderman friend or foe
Do you like GTA5 ?
Yes, you cant beat it
No, there are to many swear words involved
Yes but no
What is your favourite game ?
Did you like this poll ?
Yes, it was great
Not, the best but ok
It was not very good, what s a game ?
This poll was created on 2015-09-27 08:58:30 by PepDoc