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Growling Stomach

Are you male or Female
How often does your stomach growl.
All Day
Parts of the Day
A couple times a day
Once a week
Why does it growl?
Too much food
Getting close to mealtime
I skipped a meal
I am famished
I don't really know
It doesn't growl
What meals do you eat every day.
Several Snacks
3 square meals
Breakfast and Dinner
Lunch and Dinner
Breakfast and Lunch
Once every 48 hours
On a scale of -10 to 10 how much do you like the feeling of your stomach growling. -10 being it feels like you have been punched in the stomach 10 being you actively skip meals just to feel you belly roar.
(Scenario) You are at home by yourself, it is a weekend and you are enjoying a nice sleep in and you are feeling so relaxed that you completely lose track of time. Before you can get your head to turn to check your clock the bed begins to shake and your stomach releases and earth-shattering roar. You look at the clock and see that it is 5 in the afternoon, you haven't eaten in almost 24 hours and your belly isn't getting any quieter. What do you do?
I am starving! I need to get some food now! You get up and devour an entire Pizza.
I must be hungry, but I really don't want to get up. You rub your belly and drink some water but to no avail, so you get up and have a granola bar.
I am so comfortable! I will just try to ignore it and get back to sleep.
Are you kidding? This is perfect! It is like a stomach massage. You just lie back and enjoy the nice feeling (it feels great when you put your hand on your pulsating stomach.
(Scenario) You decide to have an early morning bike ride, you plan to ride 20 miles so you just bring a water bottle and your phone. You get on road at 8 and start riding, after about 5 miles you belly lets out a deafening roar and then it hits you, you forgot breakfast and you didn't bring a snack or your credit card to buy a snack. A mile later, you realize that you are absolutely famished and are a bit short on energy so you...
I can't make it on an empty stomach I need to turn around and get home fast before I faint or something. You turn around and ride home as fast as you can.
I really want to make it so I will just tough it out. You have quick break to regain your energy so you can do it
Who cares if my belly is growling a bit I can make it. Hey it might even make that big hill easier, less weight.
It feels so good! Why would I stop, in fact I will take my shirt off so I can hear every gurgle.
What is the longest time that you have ever gone without food.
6 hours
8 hours
12 hours
18 hours
24 hours
36 hours
48 hours
3 days
1 week
2 weeks
1 month
If you have gone more than 18 hours, how did you feel? Weakness, Growling, etc.
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