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Speedos - Swimming - For boys only

What do people think of Speedos
How old are you?
16 - 21
22 - 27
28 - 35
What do you think of Speedos?
They are ugly, no guy should ever wear them
They don't look too bad
I think they look good on some people
They are the best swimwear for guys
Have you ever worn Speedos?
No, I have never worn them
I used to wear them when I was young, but not anymore
I still wear them occasionally
They are the only swimwear I wear
If you do wear Speedos, where do you wear them?
When swimming laps at the pool
At the beach
Only if I was at a private pool eg at home
Only in my bedroom or inside house
For those of you that don't wear them, why?
They are uncomfortable
They look ugly
They are expensive
I don't have the body for them
I would get teased or people would make fun of me
They are not trendy, they are unfashionable
They reveal too much in fornt
For guys who don't wear them, would you wear them if?
They became trendy/fashionable
Your friends started wearing them
You started swimming laps at the pool
You lost weight or became fit
I still wouldn't wear them
For guys who don't wear them, do you wish they were more popular so you could wear them?
What colours would you like best if you wore Speedos?
Black or navy
Colours like Red, Green, or Yellow
Multi Coloured
Ones with prints or patterns like Skulls, Flags, Dragons etc
Novelty ones like Spongebob Squarepants
Why do you wear them?
They look good on me
They help me swim easily in the water
The material feels nice on my skin
I can get a good tan
They dry quickly
My friends told me I look good in Speedos
Is there anything you would like to say about wearing Speedos?
This poll was created on 2015-08-23 23:20:46 by shaydenm