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About Your Private Photos

I'm just curious about your attitude about your private photos on internet. Recently a relative of mine posted a nude picture with me without letting me know about this. Was nothing really serious, the picture was old - from my childhood - with me being nude on the beach. Do you agree with that kind of actions?
Are you male or female?
Do you have public pictures of you on internet?
If you upload intimate pictures with you, who will be able to see them?
I don't upload this kind of pics
Only me
Only my family and my close friends
All my friends from my social networks
All my friends and the friends of my friends
All the people
Do you have public nude photos with you? (only innocent nudity / only non-sexual)
Only a few from my early childhood since a was baby / todler (like from my first bath, like from my baptism)
Only a few from my childhood - like when I was run around naked in the backyard or from the beach
Only a few since I was a teenager. Like a prank from a pool-party.
Only a few ever since I was in college. I was drunk and I don't remember too much...
I have a lot of nude pictures with me and my family. We are nudists
I have just a few ones from more than 10 years ago
Without to be a nudist, I have recent nude pictures with me
Who has photographed you? (nude)
My parents
My brother / sister
My buddies
My girlfriend / boyfriend
My husband / wife
Anyone who was around
Being young you was shy / embarrassed when you were photographed? (nude)
Yes, every time
Not shy in front of my family
I was not shy at all
I was shy / embarrassed just being nude in public places (beach / sauna / pool / showers)
Being adult you are still shy / embarrassed in front of the camera?
Usually, YES
Usually, NO
Who would not have to see your nude pictures?
My parents
My relatives
My friends
People from my job
My neighbors
Eny stranger
Is OK that your nude pictures are set not to be watched in your country?
Do you accept that your nude pictures can be use by perverts ?
Yes, I take the risk
Yes, and I like that
No - Who cares?
Any particular answer?
This poll was created on 2015-08-20 19:51:05 by Ptery