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Rules for whellchair kids at school

As child i had the verry strict rules as any other child at home and at school. Or do you think they should be treathed different?
If the kid disregards the school rules in any way, should she/he become the same punishment as any other kid, no matter what punishment?
Yes, for shure!
No, be less strict!
Something to say about?
If the kid asking to go to the toilett during work, should it be aloud or not?
Yes, no problem
No. You can wait like all kids here!
The dresscode requires black socks and black plimsoles. If a child does not have the proper footwear she/he has to go barefoot in the school building. The child cant wear closed shoes because she/he cant stretch her toes and they can get squeezed. Closed shoes can also be uncofortable because her/his feet can get swolen in hot weather,
Ok, she/he can wear open toed shoes
No. Plimsoles or bare feet for all!
No excuse!
Just in socks (slippery)
Should the child be encoudaged to take part in all lessons and have same homework as others or should teachers customize the childs plan?
Ok, she/he may maybe have more problems than the other kids (slow working, tired from sitting ...) ...
Every child has the same things to do!
P.E.-kit requires bare feet for all, inside and outside.
She7he can leave the shoes on
No problem. No excuse
This poll was created on 2015-08-14 16:41:56 by sak1991